Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Anwar is in the NFL?

So apparently, all you need to be able to do to make it to the NFL is blitz. Even if you are a corner. One that can't really tackle or cover very well. What am I talking about? Well, my former classmate and Nittany Lion cornerback, Anwar Phillips, apparently is on the Ravens.

And it turns out, Anwar, who's been in hot water before, may be in a bit of trouble again:

Ravens cornerback Anwar Phillips has been named as a defendant in a civil lawsuit alleging he was part of an equity-draining scheme that targeted homeowners struggling to avoid foreclosure. Among Phillips’ co-defendants in the suit filed in San Diego are his mother and an area pastor.

In the alleged scheme, a troubled homeowner transfers the title of the home to so-called rescuers, who then take out a new mortgage and pocket the equity. “What they ended up doing is stripping out somewhere between $90,000 to $120,000 of equity, quit paying the loan and now the people are facing foreclosure again,” said Vallee [ attorney for the plaintiffs].

Normally, we would condemn such behavior, if true. But this is Anwar Phillips we’re talking about here. In 2002 a Penn State tribunal suspended Phillips from school for two semesters after he “accepted responsibility” for his role in a sexual assault. Phillips was later acquitted by a jury in a criminal trial arising out of the same incident.

For Phillips to graduate from alleged campus rape-o to alleged white-collar bankroller is a sign that his life is headed in the right direction. Keep living the dream, Anwar!

Thank you, Flubby. Couldn't have said it better myself.

More surprising to me than the fact Anwar would do such a thing is the fact he is in the NFL. Seriously, I had no idea, and I'm usually pretty up-to-date on Penn Staters in the NFL, especially ones that played there when I was in school. Go figure.

The thing I remember most about Anwar—besides the sexual assault/acquittal—was the way he used to leap on top of the pile of the huddle after stretching before the game. It was sweet.

Other than that, he didn't do much. His freshman year, he used to blitz a lot and caused havoc, but once he became a starter, he was nothing more than serviceable. He did wear No. 1 before Justin King, which is why King wore 7 his freshman year before taking over the number his final two seasons. For the record, Justin King was drafted by the Rams last year in the fourth round but missed the entire season due to injury. Yeah, Penn State DBs are doing well for themselves.

Anyway, Anwar beat the system once, so I'm sure he can dodge a bullet again. The real shocker is that he's even in the NFL to begin with. Who knew?

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