Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm so mad I could punch a baby

Brian Dawkins is no longer a Philadelphia Eagle and I am absolutely furious. Now I know it has already been talked about 1,000 times and even written about on this site, but I am just now coming out of the daze and shock of it all. I also know the NFL is a business and that especially in this day and age NO ONE can expect to stay with one team their entire career. I mean, if the Emmitt was a Cardinal and Jerry was a Bronco, then why am I surprised that Brian is a Bronco as well?

Well I guess the fact that Dawkins played pretty well last year is part of the reason I am so shocked. I mean the guy did make the Pro Bowl and he sure as hell made a difference on the field. There were games last year when Brian Dawkins was the best player on the field, like the Pittsburgh game. He was a playmaker and leader on that team and that is something that Andy Reid can not argue with. It seems to be clear that he has a little something left in his tank.

The other reason that I can not believe it is the simple fact that when I think about the Philadelphia Eagles, the first person I think about is Brian Dawkins. The man was the Eagles. I have been blessed with the fact that my father has had season tickets to the team since well before I was alive. I have been going go games regularly since I was 5 years old. In the past decade, I have wanted to get to every Eagles game and be in my seat an hour before kickoff for one reason. That reason is to watch Brian Dawkins. The man comes out to warms up and you can feel his energy. You know that he is going to give every ounce of his being to that game. Sometimes you wonder if he will even make it to kickoff, with the enthusiasm that he brings to the field that early. He starts yelling, dancing, getting the crowd into a frenzy by 12:05 on every 1 o'clock start.

That is just warm-ups. I can not think of another player that you want to see run out of the tunnel. You never know what he is going to do. The guy runs on emotions. The last game against Dallas, when he came out of the tunnel and stopped after 10 steps and blew kisses to each side of the field, gave me a chill. For a moment I thought, is this the last time he will come out of that tunnel, and then I shook my head no and reminded myself that the man was a Pro Bowler. There was no way they could let him go.

After every touchdown the Eagles score, the Eagles fight song is played throughout the stadium. Usually, that is left for the fans to sing, because why would the players in this day and age care about a fight song? Frankly, I doubt that Donovan could even tell you one line of that song. Every time it is played though, there is one player standing at midfield on the sidelines, singing along and flapping his arms and pumping his fist. B Dawk was that man. I have never heard a player yell out E-A-G-L-E-S, but you know Brian did on that sidelines when he would pump his fist to the letters. The man just did not care about football, he cared about Eagles football.

So after hearing his words from the weekend, you know the guy does not want to be in Denver. He wants to be in Philly, but Andy, Joe, and Jeff fucked him over. They showed that it is a business and that loyalty means nothing to them. You can give everything you got and be one of the best at your position, but there is no love for you. I'm not sure the exact figure the Eagles are under the salary cap but I know it is pretty significant number. I know that if anyone in NFL history deserved to be overpaid it would be Brian Dawkins too. I also know that given the chance I would punch Andy Reid, Jeffrey Lurie, and Joe Banner in the face and then spit on them. They really make it hard at times to be a fan of that team.

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