Monday, March 30, 2009

Sounds Like Someone Has a Case of the Mondays Links

The older I get, the more I hate Mondays. They are more worthless than Adam Eaton. Oh wait, no they aren't. There is Monday Night Football in the fall after all. But still, Mondays suck.

What doesn't suck, however, is the Flyers reuniting their top two lines. It worked in the third period for Saturday, allowing the Flyers to erase a 2-0 deficit for the shootout victory, and again last night, even though they lost 4-3 to Boston, the Flyers generated 48 shots on Tim Thomas. The only tweak I might add is to put Powe with Giroux and Briere, but I wouldn't mess with Knuble-Richards-Gagne and Hartnell-Carter-Lupul the rest of the year. Oh, but seriously, even more than a defenseman, the Flyers desperately need to find a guy who can win face-offs next year. They suck horribly at them.

And now the links …

-Meech would like to let you all know that Ryan Howard is both dangerous and a beast:

-Seth Curry, going from one school I hate to the school I hate above all others.

-Calipari to Kentucky?

-Chris Paul is crafty:

-Evidently, Andre Iguodala is one of the best players in the NBA at making shots at the end of quarters.

According to Mr. Abbott's research, he's ranked 4th in the league. Although, he suggests that Iguodala falls in the category of a guy who plays alongside a superstar. Um, who exactly is the Sixers' superstar?

-Greg Paulus' "big shots" of the tournament:

Binghamton — Paulus scored five points on a SUNY school that has been Division I for seven years.

* His first bucket — a jumper — came with 12:00 left in the second half, putting the Blue Bloods on top by 20 points, 64-42.
* His second bucket came from behind the arc, giving Dook a 30-point lead, 83-53, with 3:35 left in regulation.

Texas — Paulus played a total of two minutes, failing to notch a single statistic.

Villanova — Paulus had quite the swan song effort, registering one more foul (4) than points (3).

* Greg’s final basket in a white collar uniform came with 15:45 left in regulation. He knocked down a 3-pointer off an assist from closet meth addict Greg Scheyer, cutting Nova’s lead to 38-29.

If Duke had stormed back behind their formerly proud leader, it would have been classified as a “big shot.”

Instead, Nova went on an 11-4 run and stretched their lead to 16 points. The surge — which lasted a little over four minutes — was aided by two Paulus turnovers and a personal foul.

At the tail end of the game, Paulus was subbed out. As he walked off the court, there was a noticeable emotional hum crooning from my TV set. It was apparent that the collective Duke fan base had transplanted the hearts of a million soccer moms into their chests. Teammates stood up and clapped, engulfing Paulus as he walked off.

The senior point guard, who had played 39 minutes in a win over Indiana a mere seven games into his freshman year, returned to the bench after playing a combined 41 minutes in the last seven games of his career.

-Who you got: Metallica or the coaches?

My money's on Bobby Knight and company.

-The Angry T provides the 10 girliest fights in sports history, topped by former Sixer Rick Mahorn, and the 11 worst sports-related video games, with Charles Barkley making an appearance:

-Nice little brawl between the Canucks and Blackhawks:

-He's back:

-The McDonald's All-American Jam Fest is tonight.

Seriously, this week needs to get over with fast.

BallHype: hype it up!

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