Monday, March 30, 2009

The Shot Heard Round the Main Line

Really, is there anything to add to this?

Maybe not, but I'm going to throw in my 2 cents anyway. As you may very well know, I'm a man who has chastised Scottie Reynolds perhaps more than anyone. At times, he's a terrible decision maker, a streaky shooter and a player that can disappear for long stretches of time. Having that said that, there aren't many players in the nation with as much confidence in themselves as Scottie Reynolds has in himself, and when push comes to shove, he's a player you'd love to have on your team.

Sure, he only shot 4-11 on Saturday, but he went 7-7 from the line, scored 15 points, and oh by the way, hit the biggest shot for Villanova in the past 20-plus years. For all the shit I've given him, I have to admit, Villanova would be nowhere as good a team without him. As Jay Wright said, Scottie's won a lot of games for Villanova.

Oh and to that anonymous commenter who claims Jon Scheyer is better than Scottie Reynolds, uh, when's the last time Scheyer hit a game-winning shot to send his team to the Final Four? Oh yeah, never. In his last game, Scheyer went 3-18 and looked awful as his team got blown out. Scottie meanwhile scored 15 points in his last game and led his team to Detroit. Enough said.

Now Villanova takes on North Carolina for a chance to play in the title game, and this one's going to be a battle. No one is playing better than Ty Lawson right now, and the Tar Heels have had a relatively easy time getting this far. However, no one is playing any better team defense than Nova right now, so this one should be a doozy. Oh, and so no one can accuse me of fence-sitting, I'm openly going to be rooting for Carolina in the game, just as did in the infamous Allen Ray "walk" game. Feel free to attack me for doing so, but as I've stated before, I root for all Big 5 teams, but Temple is my No. 1 college basketball team and UNC is 1A. That's just the way it is.

But no matter who wins, I thoroughly look forward to this game. Is it Saturday yet?

What? It's only Monday? Fuck.

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  1. I like Villanova better than UNC but I picked UNC to win it all and since I'm a blogger now I need to at least get that right! I'm starting to think UConn might be the team to beat though. UNC did a pretty good job on defense against Oklahoma though. If the final isn't UConn-UNC it will probably be boring.

  2. Yeah, UConn looks damn good...but, you can never count out Izzo and MSU. Even though Penn State beat them in East Lansing.

  3. Paul Revere is right. I don't know how Izzo continues to do this. The only reason I was worried about Louisville losing was because of The Tom Izzo Factor. He may be the best coach that college basketball has, and if not, he's in the top-three.

  4. Definitely a damn fine coach. And Kalin Lucas is a stud.

  5. I won't front. I HATED Kalin Lucas' game as a freshman last year, but he's come a long way this season. I still don't trust him completely, but hell, they made the Final Four, so it counts for something.

    I'm gonna touch a lil bit on the 'Nova guards tomorrow, but not much, since I've only seen a lil of 'em this season, so don't be surprised if I direct some people your way.

  6. The Rev is a TRAITOR. Why don't you just move to Chapel Hill if you love them so much. GO NOVA!!!

  7. Traitor nothing. A traitor is a guy who goes to Penn State and wears a Michigan sweatshirt all the damn time!