Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Hate Your Face

Now, I know what you're probably thinking … that looks like a guy who rode the short bus to school. I can't argue with that. I hate Luke Harangody. Everything about him. His stupid, dumb, ogre face. His ugly, girlish flip shots. The way he shoots the ball like a spaz. I hate every last thing about Luke Harangody.

He is ugly, his game is ugly and mark my words, Luke Harangody, if he does in fact make it to the NBA, will suck horribly. Anyone see what Thabeet did to him the other day? Luke Harangody sucks. So do the Irish. And that makes me happy.

Aside from having to lay my eyes on that hideous beast, the rest of the game was pretty enjoyable, as Nova rebounded nicely from that pathetic loss to Georgetown with a going away 77-60 win at Notre Dame. And when the Wildcats really needed a nice win to avoid a losing streak to begin March, it was Scottie and a pair of seniors that did the heavy lifting.

Clearly, Jay Wright drove the point home that against Georgetown, Scottie and Dante simply did not get enough shots. That was no problem last night. From the onset, Reynolds was aggressive, and when Scottie is aggressive, he's at his best. Notre Dame just couldn't handle him on ball screens, and Scottie was filling it up from three, to the tune of 6-7 beyond the arc, scoring 23 points to lead Nova on a ridiculous 8-12 from the field.

He also had six rebounds and five assists. In short, Scottie was the best player on the floor. Better than Dante. Better than Kyle McAlarney (who sucked, 5 points on 2-7 shooting). And yes, better than Shrek Harangody. When Scottie is the best player on the floor, which he is capable of almost any time, Villanova is damn near impossible to beat. And that goes for last night.

But of course, Scottie wasn't alone. Dante, clearly frustrated with his lack of involvement against Georgetown, was not bashful either. He put up a game-high 18 shots, trailing only Reynolds on Nova with 18 points. He also nabbed eight rebounds and really gave Harangody fits the few times Luke actually guarded him.

In the match-up, Dante definitely got the better of Harangody, who made it a habit last night to throw temper tantrums every time he missed a shot, claiming he was fouled when he actually just missed … you know, because he sucks, especially on defense.

I'm not sure if people really pay attention to defense or not, but if they did, there's no way Harangody would even be mentioned as an All-American. Yes, he's an oaf who can do some damage offensively, and yes, he's a good rebounder, but damn, he can't guard worth a lick. Want proof of that? Well, pay close attention to the second half last night, when Shane Clark completely schooled Harangody routinely.

Clark, who has always been a favorite of mine, is not a guy known for his offense. He's more of an offensive rebounder/defender, which was why he was checking Harangody most of the night. But with Nova beginning to pull away, Clark followed Reynolds' and Cunningham's lead, attacking on the offensive end. He finished with 13 points on 5-7 shooting, and one particularly nice move, Clark made Harangody look even more mentally challenged than he already does (impossible, you say), getting him to bite hard on an up and under. It was beautiful.

And I have to give a lot of credit to Reggie Redding and Dwayne Anderson as well, who, as Jay Bilas poignantly pointed out, dogged McAlarney all night, preventing him from even getting shots off. It was real nice to see Nova come away with a 17-point win after playing as uninspired as they ever have last Saturday.

If they can play that way the rest of the year, Nova will be no easy out come tourney time.

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  1. your a dick with ears
    Luke Harangody will own anyone you put up against him
    he sure did fine against that goon thabeet
    and if your so damn good
    id like to see you go up against him

  2. i just hate people named luke and this was funny but really dude get a life!