Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Suggestion for the Newest Flyer: Come Out Swinging

Admittedly, I was pretty upset yesterday at what transpired during the trade deadline with the Flyers. No one wanted to see Scottie Upshall go, especially Upshall.

Now, I have to admit, I may have used some statistics from this season to degrade Daniel Carcillo a bit, but it was not meant as an attempt to take a shot at Carcillo. It was more about me making the point that maybe right now, Upshall is a better fit for a team trying to win the Stanley Cup. However, I've watched Daniel Carcillo from afar since his rookie season last year, and I have to admit, I freaking love the guy. And it won't take long for Flyers fans to embrace him either.

If you don't know much about Carcillo, let me enlighten you. He's a 6 foot, 205 pound 24-year-old who can hit, fight and, yes, even score. Last year, he notched 13 goals and 11 assists, and his aggressive, physical style suits Philadelphia fans perfectly. He will hit and hit hard. And he will fight and win most of those fights.

But, seeing as many fans are a little upset to see Upshall go, here's my suggestion to Carcillo: Fight. Fight tonight. Do that, and trust me, the Philadelphia faithful will love you.

I mean, don't do it at an inopportune time. The Flyers are trying to position themselves for home ice in the playoffs, after all, and they're taking on a very good Calgary team. But seeing as it's his first game as a Flyer, and it just so happens to be at home, Carcillo is granted a great chance to get things off on the right foot in his new home. There's no better way to do that in Philadelphia than to drop the gloves. Kick some ass. And sooner or later, fans will forget that you're the guy the Flyers shipped off Upshall for. Unless Upshall comes back to haunt the Flyers for years and/or Carcillo becomes Steve Downie, which some people think is a possibility:

Unable to do something significant, the Flyers added a veteran castoff to the blue line and a traded one of their most tenacious and well-liked forwards for a guy who's still trying to figure out if he's Milan Lucic or a less clinically insane Steve Downie.

Let's hope Carcillo is more like Lucic, and also, wish Upshall all the best. Hell, maybe the Flyers can figure out a way to finagle the cap and resign Scottie this summer. Doubtful, but a man can dream.

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  1. hopefully Carcillo's scoring will go up. his surrounding cast is way better than hes used to (I dont know that much about the West, but I do know the Coyotes blow). so maybe that will translate to more/better opportunities

  2. I'm sad to see Scottie go, but now I'm just excited to see what Carcillo can do. Plus, we really could use a fighter that can win fights.

  3. completely agree.

    Waiting for the obligatory PSU bball post...