Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Hate Duke and I Hate All of You … Links Edition

If you haven't gathered, I hate Duke. A lot. Like, as much as I hate Dallas, New York, Michigan, you get the idea. And when Duke is taking on a team from this area, the hatred grows even stronger. So tonight, I'm begging Villanova, Scottie Reynolds especially, to show up and play an even better game than they did against UCLA, which would ensure victory.

I want to see the same hard fouls the Wildcats bestowed on UCLA … only harder. I want Dwayne Anderson and Reggie Redding to rip Gerald Henderson's throat out. I want Corey Fisher and Scottie Reynolds to torch those stupid, ugly, douchey faces of Jon Scheyer and Greg Paulus.

I want Dante Cunningham to eat Brian Zoubek's and Kyle Singler's faces. And I want Nova to destroy Duke, then have the Blue Devils' plane to go down on the flight home after their loss, preferably crashing right into Cameron Indoor. I don't think that's asking for too much. Now let's link.

-Absolutely incredible Q&A with World B. Free.

K1X: What about your own quote, “passes don’t get paid”?

FREE: Uhh, I got that from Fred Carter. When I was a rookie he came to me and said, “Rook, let me tell you something: In this League, passes don’t get paid. Passes do not get paid.” And that stuck with me as soon as I stepped on the basketball court. It wasn’t my own theory, though. I got it from a veteran. There could be five guys open and he would still not pass it to you. [Laughs]

-Happy Birthday, Harry K.

Whitey is wishing you a great day from above as well. I just know it.

-David Price, minor-leaguer.

-Yes, yes, Duke losing would be sweet.

-Looks as though Lance Stephenson is heading to Kansas, via The Big Lead.

I got to see Lance Stephenson play on TV once this year, and he was amazing. Oh, and I saw him as a 15-year-old in "Gunnin' for That #1 Spot" and he was nasty back then.

-Remember the Professor? Well, here he is with an insane trick shot, that may or may not be real:

-Hilarious "interview" with Jim Calhoun and The Suave:

-Mike Kern has a good article on Nova.

-MJD breaks down the new NFL rules.

-Hey, tonight is Scott Hartnell wig night.

And yes, Mike Richards is absolutely a star. At the very least, he's one of the best players in hockey.

-And more from Puck Daddy: the top 10 goalies gone wild moments:

Of course Hextall made it, but check out Biron fight Ray Emery. Who knew? And that Garth Snow vs. the Sabres … could that be when Matthew Barnaby faked injury and Snow went to check on him then got jumped by Barnaby? I hope so, that was great. And shit, even Neil Little is on there. Apparently, Philadelphia has had goalies with anger issues or something.

-The McDonald's All-American festivities are just a week away.

Villanova-bound Roman Catholic senior Maalik Wayns will be playing.

-Best announcing teams never heard, and I agree with most of them. Of course, I'd have Merrill and Harry Kalas in there somewhere.

-Shoals offers up some video of Wilt:

-This is why cops get shot:

Moats was speeding towards the hospital with his wife in tow and at one point even threw his flashers on driving through a red light in an effort to make it to the hospital in time to say his final farewells and that is when he caught the attention of one Dallas police officer who finally pulled him over in the hospital parking lot. Moats' wife ran into the hospital, disregarding the officer, while Moats himself was pleading to the cop to let him go to his dying mother in law, all while being ignored. He never got to see her before she died.

-Penn State will take on Notre Dame in the NIT semis. When one blogger looks at Luke Harangody, all he sees is Officer Farva.

Yeah, he looks like he needs a liter o cola to me.

-The MVP candidates, in video form:

That is all.

Fuck Duke! Let's go Nova!

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  1. good goalie fights, keep counting down the days till we come down the turnpike and beat some ass. AVERY AVERY AVERY.

  2. I'm sorry, I can't hear the Rangers fans all the way down there in 7th place.

  3. by the end of easter weekend you'll looking up at us.

  4. soon to be reality my son. Biron is gonna melt under the mounting pressure of the stretch drive and playoffs themselves. Prediction: 2 rounds tops and the Flyers are done.

  5. Oh you mean Marty is gonna wilt like he did last year? Oh wait, that was Lundvist.

  6. No love for the Robert Esche-Ottawa Senators goalie fight where the Flyers set the record for penalty minutes was set?