Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Are You a Mexi-Can or a Mexi-Can't?

Last night, in honor of Cinco de Mayo, it was evident that Shane Victorino was absolutely a Mexi-Can, while Brad Watson, one of the referees for game 3 of the Red Wings-Ducks series, was unquestionably a Mexi-Can't.

Now, I admittedly didn't catch all of the Phillies game because Adam EatShit and I went to Dos Segundos with our roommate for a Mexican freedom celebration of our own. But we did see Shane waste absolutely no time extending his hitting streak to 14 games, bombing a first-inning solo home run. Apparently, that was just the beginning for Victorino in the Phils' 10-7 win, as Shane finished the night 4-for-5 with a homer, a double, a steal and three RBIs.

It must be the new bat.

Very nice night for Shane.

Brad Watson, on the other hand, not so much.

Now, the first two games of the Detroit-Anaheim series were just spectacular. The first, a 3-2 win for the Red Wings, and the second, that epic triple overtime clash that saw the Ducks win 4-3. And the third game lived up to the billing, resulting in another one-goal outcome, this one a 2-1 Anaheim victory.

But this one didn't come without some major, major controversy. Detroit was dominating the play, evident by the final numbers (Detroit doubled up Anaheim in shots, 46-23), but he Ducks held on to a 2-1 lead thanks to the incredible play of Jonas Hiller, who has been nothing short of spectacular in these playoffs.

Well, with just over a minute left to play, Detroit had Chris Osgood pulled and was doing what seemingly all hockey teams do when they're down a goal — keeping the puck in the offensive zone and creating a golden chance to tie the game. And after the puck squirted out front and Hiller failed to cover it, Marian Hossa pounced on the disc, buried it and tied the game. Only it didn't. Because Brad Watson somehow lost site of a puck I'm pretty sure Ray Charles could have seen and blew the play dead before Hossa slammed it home.

Detroit, who had just battled for 59 minutes, controlled play and fired tons of rubber at Hiller, had the tying goal taken away from them. And that's a shame, because Detroit deserved a better fate. The Red Wings earned that tying goal, earned a chance at overtime, earned a chance to take one more crack at Hiller.

Make no mistake, Hiller earned the victory too. Stopping 45 shots deserves to be rewarded. But not at the expense of a blown call.

Shane Victory, Mexi-Can. Brad Watson, Mexi-Can't.

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