Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Work Stinks, Let's Link

No time for words. Onto the links …

-In case you were wondering, Usain Bolt is still faster than a speeding bullet:

-John Wall is is headed to Kentucky.

If Patrick Patterson and Jodie Meeks come back, John Calipari will steer Kentucky to the SEC title. You heard it here first. Hell, even if they don't come back, Kentucky still might win the SEC.

-Ladies, take notice, Ryan Church likes to skip third base and head straight for home.

-James Harrison will not accept free samples if they're free to everyone.

-I get really, really happy when RomanWarHelmet has to write nice things about the Phillies:

The Beltran: This one hurts me. I had this all fired up to go to David Wright. He has been tremendous. Here is his line .565/.643/.739 1.382OPS 0HR 9RBI and 5SB. He should win it. But I am going with some one else. Raul Ibanez. He has been great all season in Philly. The one constant and a huge reason they have been winning everyday.

Team of the Week: Your 2008 World Champion Philadelphia Phillies! A 5-2 week. A 4 game sweep in 3 days of the Marlins and a win over LA. Ibanez was tremendous. Hamels looked back to form with 7IP and 1ER with 7 scattered hits. But they did beat on the Nats. So take it with a grain of salt.

-Ho-hum, LeBron made another ridiculous trick shot:

-I have absolutely no idea why, but the Phillies signed Paul Bako. Yeah, seems pointless to me too.

-Major League Baseball is moving up the start time of World Series games. Finally.

-Meet your 2009 Penn State Nittany Lion football capatins: Sean Lee and Daryll Clark.

Much like BSD, I agree 100 percent with these choices, but just like BSD, I wonder if Jerome Hayes was considered. He should have been and should be a captain as well, because Jerome Hayes is the boss.

-I saw this on Saturday at the bar, and it was great:

-Dear Gary Bettman:

Your accomplishments are legendary - (i) massive league expansion in the southern U.S., where hockey is about as appealing as a rectal scoping (genius!), (ii) moving the NHL from NBC to the highly-esteemed Versus Network (brilliant!), (iii) the introduction of the glowing puck (really?), (iv) four bankruptcies, with a fifth on the way (ok, no one is perfect…), (v) three franchise moves (umm…), (vi) two lockouts (are you even trying?!?!).

-Five NBA draft questions to ponder, but the best part isn't even a question:

(Actually, my favorite story from Williams is when he was the general manager in Philadelphia and drafted Darryl Dawkins in 1976. He called Dawkins and was surprised to hear him answer the phone thusly: “This is Dawk and I’m ready to talk.” Williams said one of his great regrets is that he did not reply, “This is Pat and I’m ready to chat.”)

And yes, the NBA draft lottery is tonight.

-Thirty-five years ago today, the Flyers beat the Bruins to win the Stanley Cup, as Kate Smith sang "God Bless America" beforehand:

-Your National League Player of the Week: Raul Ibanez.

Tonight we get game 2 of the Red Wings-Blackhawks series at 7:30 and game 1 of the Lakers-Nuggets at 9. Enjoy.

And of course, get well soon Jim Johnson.

BallHype: hype it up!

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