Friday, May 8, 2009

Just End the Eastern Conference Playoffs Right Now

Is there really any need to play any more games in the Eastern Conference playoffs? I mean, really? There sure as hell is no reason to play the final two games (and yes, there will only be two more games) of the Cavs-Hawks series, because Atlanta, with or without Al Horford and Marvin Williams, doesn't belong anywhere near a court with Cleveland.

The Cavs aren't even breaking sweat, and they've now won by a combined 47 points in the first games, demolishing the Hawks 99-72 in game 1 and 105-85 in game 2. Let's just stop this massacre right now. Really, do we need to see more blood shed?

Let's be real here, Atlanta's not going to win a game. Not against LeBron. Not when he has the likes of Delonte West, Mo Williams, Big Z and sideshow Bob to do all the little things. Not when he's the best player on the planet. And not when he doesn't even have to suit up for fourth quarter.

And let's be honest, neither the Celtics or Magic stand a chance against LeBron either. The Cavs had the best record in the East for a reason — they are miles ahead of everyone else. With no KG, the Celtics had one hell of a time with Chicago, and there's no way they can handle LeBron and company if they couldn't even handle a gimpy Ben Gordon. Orlando, well, they looked very unimpressive against an average Sixers team and got trounced in game 2 against Boston. Without Jameer, they're nowhere near as good a team.

So really, why even bother with these last two games of the Hawks series, and why bother even putting forth a sham of an Eastern Conference Final? Just let the Cavs scrimmage against themselves and wait for the West to duke it out. God knows I don't really wanna see another 20-point blowout in the second round, especially when it's the only NBA game on tap.

Do us all a favor, Stern, and call off these last two games. Show some mercy. Put the Hawks down, because after about 15 minutes, those Cavs-Hawks games are painful to watch.

Thank goodness there was some sweet hockey on:

Man, when is Roberto Luongo actually going to play on a team he doesn't have to carry? With the Canucks up 2-1 in the series, Vancouver could have taken control of the series. Instead, they generated 15 shots on net … total. Including overtime. That's pathetic. I know you have the best goaltender on the planet in net, but uh, you still have to score a little bit to win.

Talk about taking a guy for granted. I feel really bad for the guy because Luongo is probably my favorite player this side of Claude Giroux in the NHL. He's definitely my favorite goalie.

Oh, and fuck the Mets. And the Phillies pitchers. You guys suck.

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