Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hey LeBron, What Would Kobe Do?

Wow, talk about making up for a pretty bland playoffs, Bulls-Celtics excluded. Game 1 of the Lakers-Nuggets was an excellent game, and last night, wow. Just wow. I mean, watch this:

Normally, when I'm watching a great game, I don't interact with anyone that is not actually watching the game with me. I get so into the game that I block everything else out. But last night, seeing as I was home alone most of the game, I had to talk to someone, anyone after LeBron went on his ridiculous dunk, block, three rampage, at which point I (incorrectly) thought the game was over.

So I sent Joltin' Joe a message, and a game-long conversation ensued:

Rev: Lebron is not human

Joe: Just got back from softball what did he do?

Rev: Sick dunk. Sick block. Hit a 3. Team up 13 and has like 4-5 dimes

Joe: Yeah watching now he's the man...really stoked for lebron and kobe in the finals

Rev: Ridiculous. And wow. Mo

Joe: Haha i know that was great

Joe: Great game man

Rev: Fo real

Joe: Man he may be overpaid but Rashard freaking show up when it counts

Rev: When he wants almost unguardable. Ask thad

Joe: Ugh yeah lebron's got to take that

Rev: Absolutely. And delonte gotta make that but yeah, kobe aint passin there. At worst get a foul call

That was an incredibly awesome game. Which I didn't expect after that flurry by LeBron. He's just un-freakin-believable. Seriously. He comes out and begins by setting up his teammates. Then he completely and utterly goes off ... on both ends of the floor. Insane.

And man, he was in the zone: 49 points on 20-30 from the field, 6 boards, 8 assists, 2 steals and 3 blocks. That's a monster of a game for sure.

But LeBron wasn't the only one dominating. Not only did Dwight bring down the shot clock, he brought down the Cavs with his complete annihilation inside: 30 points on 14-20 from the field, 13 boards and a huge reason why Rashard Lewis and Hedo were able to get some really, really open looks (Rafer too).

The thing about that game was, after Mo Williams hit that ridiculous shot to end the first half, I thought it was over. The Cavs had this in the bag. LeBron was going off, Cleveland was up 63-48 and the rest of the Cavs were chipping in.

Then it all changed. No one could hit a shot besides LeBron, and the Cavs had the familiar look of those Allen Iverson Sixer teams that used to just stand around and watch Allen do his thing. It's almost as if Cleveland was like, OK, we're up, let's just let LeBron do his thing. As a result, the Magic were able to chip away, since no one other than LeBron could knock down a shot.

And when it was all said and done, it was Dwight's teammate, Rashard Lewis (who had a great game: 22 points on 9-13 shooting, 7 boards, 3 assists) who was able to hit the dagger. Delonte West, who started hot, then went cold, then hit a big three, couldn't hit that final one, and the Magic came out with the 107-106 win.

Here's the thing. Under absolutely no circumstance should LeBron have passed that ball. Not in a million years. Was Delonte open? Yes. But 100 times out of 100 LeBron should be taking that shot. He was already at the rim, and really, at worst, he'd get a foul call you'd think. Not that that would really mean anything, seeing as LeBron went 6-10 from the line. Hit those freebies and you got a win there, LeBron.

I know, it's kind of absurd to call out a guy after scoring 49 points and playing just out of his mind, but honestly, he has to, has to take that final shot. You think Kobe would have passed there? No chance in hell.

It's nice to be an unselfish teammate, but sometimes you gotta just do it yourself, especially if you want to hoist that trophy.

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