Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just Manny Being A-Rod/Barry/Mark/Sammy/Raffy/Jason/…

So a co-worker of mine just came over and told me the news: Manny Ramriez tested positive for PEDs and will be suspended 50 games.

Mmmmm, smells like HGH

Now, you may expect that this news would make me happy. Really, when you think about it, it should. The Dodgers have the best record in baseball, and if the Phillies have any aspirations of repeating, the Dodgers, who they battled last year in the NLCS, will be a team they'll have to encounter.

But in reality, this just makes me sad. Am I shocked that Manny Ramriez used steroids? No. I'm not shocked that anyone from the era of the '90s on has or still does use steroids, especially great power hitters. But I'm sad because, well, I've always loved to watch Manny Ramriez hit. Now I won't get to for at least 50 games.

Same can be said for Barry Bonds. Yes, Bonds may have used illegal substances to get huge, but watching him show incredible plate discipline, see just one pitch a series sometimes and still be ready to crush that pitch, it was something I marveled. Just like I marveled at Mark McGwire's moon shots, Sammy Sosa's chase and A-Rod's ascent to the best player in baseball.

The single greatest feat I ever saw in person was when Barry Bonds launched a home run that hit the McDonald's sign at Citizens Bank Park in right field. It was the single farthest ball I've eve witnessed hit in person. And I thought it was awesome.

The same way I think watching Manny Ramirez set up a pitcher, hit with two strikes, murder the ball in the playoffs, hit any pitch anywhere he wants is awesome. I know a lot of these guys are on steroids. And I don't care. I really don't. I want to see guys hit the McDonald's sign. I want to see players recover quicker from injuries. I want to see things I've never seen before.

Maybe that makes me an awful human being. Maybe it just makes me human. Steroids are terrible, and having major leaguers use them sets a bad example for kids. I get that. So does making Paris Hilton famous for being an alcoholic partier, yet here we are.

In reality, the only people steroids hurt are the people taking them. They know the risk. They know the payoffs/downsides. To me, it should be up to them whether or not to take them. They should get to decide if the cumulative health effects outweigh the immediate benefits to hitting a baseball and making sure you feel good enough to play.

But hey, that decision isn't up to me. Steroids are banned, illegal, and Manny earned his suspension. He'll be gone for 50 games. Hopefully the Dodgers will struggle as a result. But I'm sad I won't get to see one of the greatest hitters ever swing the bat for three months. Call me selfish.

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  1. See kids, drugs are the answer.
    /not being sarcastic
    //but I'm sober-ish now

    They should get to decide if the cumulative health effects outweigh the immediate benefits to hitting a baseball and making sure you feel good enough to play.
    I'm reminded of a 3rd Rock from the Sun episode:

    Jane Curtain: "Smoking takes years off your life"
    John Lithgow: "Yeah, but the last years aren't very good anyway"

  2. Damn shame. Manny is a nutcase and we have always known that. He is also one hell of a baseball player, and now his career numbers will be tainted like the rest of the PED bunch.

    Much like you I enjoy watching his approach at the plate. One of the best hitters of our time, but I do not feel one bit of sympathy.

  3. Fuck em!!!! never liked him always though he was a world class Douche Bag/Asshole/Selfish Fuck/Cocksucker/Redsock Piece of Shit. He can take all his home runs and shove them all up his ass one at a time. This is never a player i would tell my kid to be like cause no one likes him or respects him. When the Reverend's pops called me to tell me the news i was so fuckin happy!!!! it was the best news i had heard or seen in 2 weeks. Good riddance!!! the game of baseball is way better off without this ASSHOLE in it....

  4. This is yet another confirmation of how good the Ruth's, Mantles and Aarons are. They did it on Hot Dogs, Booze and cigars. Fags like this need drugs to try to come close to that. FUCK YOU MANNY EAT A DICK!!!!

  5. You in here, for some PEDs.

    PEDs are not drugs. You ever sucked dick for PEDs?

  6. No i can't say i suck dick but Manny does, lot's of it!!! Fuck him and the horse he rode in On!!!!

  7. Boras (Manny's agent) and Peter Gammons are giving it the JC Romero-spin (no roids, just banned substance for medication taken for "personal condition" to quote Gammons).

    Frankly, I'm real worried...the Dodgers can easily stay afloat for 2 months and you know Manny's gonna be on a warpath when he gets back.

    Whether or not he actually took "performance enhancing" drugs, he's still the best hitter I've seen in my lifetime (maybe Poo-Holes I guess, but still, Manny's top 2 at worst).

  8. Agreed. My list is righties: Manny and Poopholes; lefties: Bonds and Griffey (healthy Griffey).

    Manny is a killer in the postseason too.