Monday, May 4, 2009

If You Don't Like Hockey, I Don't Like You

With yesterday's scheduled Met-Phillies game postponed due to rain, and the Flyers and Sixers both ousted from the playoffs and the Eagles still months away, there was absolutely no excuse to not watch the Anaheim Ducks and Detroit Red Wings go at it in game 2. None.

The game was an epic 4-3 triple overtime victory for Anaheim, evening the series at 1-1, and just everything that a sports fan could possibly want. Sadly, as Adam EatShit so eloquently pointed out, "Everyone should be watching this game right now, but honestly, you, me, a guy down the street and some Canadians are probably the only ones watching."

That's the dilemma, the conundrum I just can't figure out. Why don't most Americans like hockey? I don't understand it. The NHL playoffs are the best playoffs in all of professional sports. There is no disputing this. The intensity, the hatred that builds between teams, the tense action. Hockey has it all.

The game is fast, there are violent collisions, and, unlike the other of the big four, hockey players tend to be quiet, blue-collar athletes that don't bitch and moan about injuries, contracts and all that other shit that puts athletes out of touch with the average fan. What's not to like?

The only reasonable explanation we could come up with is the fact that hockey is not an "American" sport the way basketball, baseball and football are. And that does make sense. Hockey is Canada's game, not ours. So I guess I can blame Canada for American's not liking hockey. If Americans had invented it, they'd like it.

But just because hockey isn't an "American" sport, that doesn't mean you shouldn't watch and enjoy. Because hockey is fucking sweet.

If you need proof, just take a look at that Detroit-Anaheim game. It was incredible. Both teams were hitting the shit out of each other, the goalies were playing well, the pace was incredibly fast and the best players were making plays.

It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The Red Wings came out and took the lead, then the Ducks answered with two of their own before Detroit tied it up again at 2-2. And that was just the first period. Anaheim scored early in the second to take the lead back, only to see Detroit tie it up early in the third.

Then the game went the distance. Really the distance, going to a third overtime. Jonas Hiller made 59 saves. Chris Osgood made 42. Makael Samuelsson had 10 shots, Marian Hossa had 9 and Niklas Lidstom had 8. Ryan Getzlaf continued to show the hockey world that he is, in fact, a complete superstar, logging nearly 40 minutes as a forward. Oh, and he scored a goal and notched two assists, completely establishing himself as the boss in the series, especially when he was standing over a Red Wing (can't remember if it was Tomas Holmstrom or Johan Franzen) and yelling at him to get up after accentuating a fall on a little shot by Getzlaf.

The dude is a beast. And the game was awesome, as it finally ended 1:15 into the third overtime, when Todd Marchant criss-crossed and fired a perfect shot, with a great screen by Rob Niedermayer, past Osgood.

If you aren't watching the Stanley Cup playoffs, you should be. And if you don't like hockey, I don't like you.

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  1. Yes, all this is true. If America had invented hockey i am sure way more people would watch, that is part of it. The other major part is just that there are too many fuckin retards around here who don't understand the game and keep up with it's speed. I hear this from people around here who when i ask how come you are not a hockey fan i get: "eh i can't keep up with the puck on tv." or "oh it so violent why do they have to fight like that during games" or "I don't know what icing is or how the offsides rule works" and other assorted dumb shit from morons who don't have the brain power to learn the game. So then fuck those people and those other fair weather fans who show up for the playoffs and root for whoever wins it all till the next team wins the year after. Hockey does not need all that bullshit like you get in the other major sports. It'll be the best niche sport there is where everyone lives and dies with their team and not jump around from team to team just cause that teams logo shows up in the new 50cent or Jay-Z video.

  2. And yes that Wings-Ducks game was the BOMB!!! The Yanks got rained out to so i watched that then the usual fox Sunday cartoon lineup that night. It was a pretty good day.

  3. i'm gonna send a shipment of Death Dogs up to those FAGS in Boston. Let them all choke to death on them!!!!

  4. Incredible game. Getzlaf is a beast.

  5. Holy shit!! that fuckin guy was everywhere. I still say the wings will take the series though in 6 or 7 games, and every game will be world war 3. And on the injury portion of the article this is proven every year that unless a guy is in a wheelchair he's gonna play. This year turns out Chris Drury Broke his hand in that last Flyers game we went to and played with it. He only missed game 1 then played the next 6 games and scored the game winner in one of them. These guys all have balls of stone.

  6. Yeah or some of us don't like watching games we've never played and can't relate to. I'd rather watch the NBA PLAYOFFS. Hell, I'd rather read a book. It's like watching cricket for me...if you played it and can relate, good for you. I didn't and can't.

  7. That's a good point I never thought of. Because I'm idiot, you see. Makes sense that most people don't play hockey because it's expensive and has odd hours. Touche, salesman.

  8. You don't need to have played a sport to enjoy it?

    A lot of people don't like it, I'd say, because they get most of, if not all of their sports news from ESPN. ESPN is the NHL's jealous exgirlfriend and barely covers hockey. So people don't hear about it and don't have the paitence to learn, therefore don't care.

    Also, the season is also around football season and the playoffs around the same as the NBA's, so it sort of gets overlooked.

  9. True. Either way, I suggest watching, because hockey is tits.

  10. Brother Rev,

    Man you know I'm trying HARD to get the hang of hockey. I watched the third period of the Pens-Caps game on Saturday, and didn't know what the hell was going on. I'm pickin' up on it little-by-little,, even though I'm still lost as shit.

    I totally forgot game two was last night, until Sportscenter came on, and I got to see the BEAST, known as Ovechkin go crazy. Crosby went crazy too, but after the picture of that girl, I don't look at him the same (that shit is STILL FUNNY). It's gonna take some time, and I'll probably be asking a trillion questions, but I'll learn the game. Hell, I may even write a post about it one day. If I get fully converted to a hockey fan, you will get all the glory.

  11. It's not for everyone … but it should be.