Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ray Emery is Not the Missing Link(s)

This morning, I've been in a heated debate with Adam EatShit about the Flyers being interested in Ray Emery, and frankly, it makes me want to punch him right in his stupid face.

As I explained yesterday, I absolutely, positively do not want Ray Emery ever to wear a Flyers uniform. Yet, here we are today with Paul Holmgren confirming that the Flyers are interested. Why? I have no idea.

Just check out Emery's résumé:

Emery then got into a fight with Senators teammate Brian McGrattan during a practice in Jan. 2008. He also got into it a bit with teammates Jason Spezza and Chris Neil.

Making matters worse, Emery got into a car accident, then a road rage incident where he allegedly threatened to kill an elderly driver who cut him off.

He once bragged in an interview that he’d been pulled over by police 30 times while in Ottawa.

The Sens finally decided to release him last summer. So he signed a contract with Atlant Moscow of the Kontinental Hockey League in Russia, and promptly got into a fight with the club’s doctor.

He then quit the team at midseason.

So Ray returned to Canada, and was charged in March with speeding. They impounded his Hummer.

In march 09 charged with speeding. on 416. Hummer impounded and his license suspended. said in a television interview stopped by police 30 times in two years.

in russia, pulled one day, got into an argument and emery jumpd the team doctor.

Yeah, sounds like a standup guy who really has his team's best interests in mind. Oh, not to mention, his career numbers: 2.71 goal against average and .907 save percentage, are worse than Marty Biron (2.59, .911), and Marty is, you know, sane and likable.

Emery can fight though. In fact, he pummeled Biron a few years ago:

But, you know, fighting isn't really an important component for a goaltender. Stopping the puck and instilling confidence in your teammates is. Those are things Ray Emery is not good at at all. If Holmgren signs him, I will hate Paul Holmgren.

Now let's link …

-Scary moment in the Phils game last night:

Let's hope Rick Ankiel is OK. That had to hurt.

-What in world was Donyell Marshall doing in a nail shop?

-Listen, I went to Penn State. I know the weather isn't always nice and you may be inclined to stay inside and toke up every now and then. But shit, can't the football players lay off the sticky icky icky a little bit? Damn, these guys are stupid:

Penn State police searched an on-campus apartment of four football players for marijuana the night of last month's Blue-White Game, according to court records.

An application for search warrant, signed early April 26, identifies the apartment residents as Stephfon Green, Devon Still, Eric Latimore and Johnnie Troutman. None of the players has been charged, and the results of the seizure are scheduled to be released today.

Great, our backup tailback, two backup d-linemen that are supposed to be key contributors and our potential starting left guard had marijuana in their apartment. Fucking morons. Didn't the fact that Maurice Evans, who was an absolute beast in 2007, sucked horribly after getting suspended for marijuana and then making a horrible life decision by entering the draft and then going undrafted mean anything to you? Why are football players so incredibly dumb? Cut Paterno some slack here guys. Geez.

-Zack Greinke is unhittable.

If you haven't already read it, make sure you read Joe Posnanski's article on the kid. It's pretty amazing.

-Jason Whitlock bitchslaps Selena Roberts, courtesy of MLJ.

-Whilock isn't the only one going after Roberts.

-This guy takes beer pong way too seriously. Only in Philadelphia.

-Ladies and gentlemen, this is why Dwight Howard was the defensive player of the year:

-Oh, and some guy named LeBron is the MVP.

-Ed Barkowitz has an excellent story story about Quintin Mikell proving all the doubters wrong.

Great find by Andy, I gotta admit. Big Quintin Mikell fan.

-The Wachovia Center wasn't supposed to be this empty right now:

IT WASN'T supposed to be this way.

The Wachovia Center was not supposed to be a sports mausoleum the first week of May - devoid of games, fans and life.

Thanks to underachieving seasons by the Flyers and Sixers, Philadelphia's premiere venue for indoor sporting entertainment sits dark.

The Sixers' problems started before training camp, when then-coach Maurice Cheeks said the Sixers would not run plays for Young, because there wouldn't be any left after Brand and Iguodala.

Considering the promise Young showed as a rookie, this displayed a tremendous lack of insight toward his development.

This team was a mess from the beginning.

Brand was not back in basketball shape after recovering from a ruptured Achilles' tendon; Iguodala clearly had not worked on skills that would facilitate his transition to shooting guard; Samuel Dalembert was still in leftfield.

Agreed, Smalls. Agreed.

-Awesome interview, as Lang Whitaker talks with Stephon Marbury.

-LeBron's top 10 plays of his MVP season:

Philies and playoffs tonight. Watch them.

BallHype: hype it up!

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