Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Procrastination Leads to Links

I've been completely bombarded at work this week, and it isn't going to stop any time soon. So finally, after two and half days of nonstop working, I'm saying, "Screw it," and taking a little break, deadlines be damned. (I have a lot of very fast-approaching deadlines and zero desire to work on them.)

Without question, this will come back to bite me in the ass, making me hate my life in the coming days. But hey, that's just par for the course in my world. Why do something now when you can do it later?

On to the links …

-Jayson Werth wasn't the only one stealing bases last night:

-Yeah, fuck doctors.

-Florida State and Bobby Bowden seem to have their priorities all mixed up:

While Bowden will undoubtedly insist the academic scandal never be mentioned when his grandkids are in the house, I guarantee you Paterno doesn't care about the record for his grandkids. If Paterno ever wants to impress his grandchildren all he has to do is walk down Curtin Road just past the Forum on his way to Rec Hall. Stop right between the two and point to the building on the left where giant letters spell out "PATERNO LIBRARY". That's a legacy for an old football coach to be proud of.

Good luck in your appeal, Bobby. You make me sick.

-Yesterday, my roommate told me Mike Missanelli got into with Skip Bayless on the radio. Here it is.

-Nothing like a fight after time expires:

-Danny Granger deservedly won the NBA's Most Improved Player award.

-Things really got wild in Dallas at the end of game 4.

-Zolecki has some more details about Werth's feat last night and the Phillies' new lineup. I like this quote the best:

Asked if Manuel would keep the same lineup today against Dodgers lefthander Randy Wolf, Manuel said, "You don't throw the winning ticket away, do you?"

-Get your own piece of old Yankee Stadium:

- George Costanza's bomb-proof desk: $10,000

-Shawn Andrews has some awful friends.

-The best of Leon courtesy of The Angry T:

-The All-NBA Teams were announced. Oddly, Sammy Dalembert's name is nowhere to be found. Surely this is a mistake.

-NBA stars separated at birth from other notable people, courtesy of HHR.

-LeBron wasn't the only one all sorts of dominant in high school. Witness Kobe during his Lower Merion days:

-Shoals drops a ridiculously awesome video and announces officially the new basketball blog for The Sporting News, The Baseline.

-Kenny Stabler makes it happen.

-The NBA's other most improved entities, via BallHype.

Tonight we got old man Moyer taking on former Phil and the man behind the only "fan group" I've ever respected, Randy Wolf.

And don't forget, Caps-Penguins, Ovechkin-Crosby, game 7, tonight.

Work blows.

BallHype: hype it up!


  1. -"Tonight we got old man Moyer taking on former Phil and the man behind the only "fan group" I've ever respected, Randy Wolf."

    What about The Coggin Tobaggon?