Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beat LA

It's no secret that Cole Hamels hasn't quite been himself this season, and he certainly hasn't duplicated his incredible performance last October this time around. Such a feat would be difficult to replicate, but tonight, Cole does have a chance to do what he did last year: Simultaneously send the Phillies to the World Series and the Dodgers home for the winter.

Forget about what happened this season. Forget about what happened against Colorado. Forget about your struggles in game 1 of this series, which you did pick up the win in, by the way, and just go out and dominate. You don't want to go back to Los Angeles anyway.

The Phillies have a chance tonight to get back to the World Series, to defend their World Fucking Championship. And they have the chance to avenge their loss in game 2, a game Vicente Padilla, the former Phillie, started — a game in which Padilla pitched 7 and a third of four-hit, one-run ball, effectively shutting down the Phils. Something tells me they won't let Padilla dominate them again. Call it a hunch.

So tonight, let's have a clean game, one that resembles game 3. No errors. No poor at-bats. No chance for the Dodgers to even get an ounce of confidence. Go out there and finish them off, quick and painless. After all, the champagne will be ice. You wouldn't want all that ice to go to waste. Five more wins.

LET'S GO PHILS!!!!!!!!!!

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