Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So About That Bomb Threat

No, not that bomb threatthis bomb threat:

Speaking of playoff baseball, if anyone wants to call in a bomb threat to my building tomorrow (or better yet actually blow the fucker up tonight), I'll give you every last cent in my bank account so I can stay at home and actually watch the baseball game, instead of sitting in a cubicle pretending to work as I listen to LA and Franske on the radio.

None of you assholes came through, so here I am at work, praying I get a mass companywide email from the owner telling us to all go home at 1 or something to enjoy the game. But it's now past noon and still no email. Fuck. Ing. Gay.

The prospects aren't looking good. I'm not sure if I hate the MLB or my work more right now. Sure, Major League Baseball could have just scheduled the Phillies, oh, I don't know, at any other god damn time beside 2 fucking 37 today and tomorrow, but then again, the big boss around here could have scored some major points with his disgruntled employees (namely me) and given us all a half day so as to enjoy game 1 of the NLDS between our beloved Philadelphia Phillies and those pederasts Colorado Rockies the way we are supposed to: alone, in solitude in front of our gigantic television or with 40,000-plus of our closest friends at Citizens Bank Park. But no, you had to be a dick and make everyone work during a weekday afternoon like it's our jobs or something. Bull. Fucking. Shit.

Luckily, I did remember to bring one of those — what are they called? — R-A-D-I-O-S, so at least I get to listen to Scott Franzke and Larry Andersen. But it would be nice to, you know, actually SEE the game.

One thing's for sure: I'm not doing any fucking work from 2:37 p.m. until the time I leave. I may have to be here, but I don't have to be productive.


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  1. Dude... has all the playoff games through the WS for $10. That's the price of 1 CBP beer!