Friday, February 13, 2009

Billy Ray Valentine Links

If you've never seen "Trading Places," do yourself a favor and watch it. Not only is it filmed in Philadelphia, but it stars a young Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd (when both were still funny), and you get to see a young Jamie Lee Curtis's tits. Oh, and Murphy's character is named Billy Ray Valentine, so in honor of Valentine's Day, these links are brought to you by "Trading Places."

Now, onto the links …

-Great read by Adam Fleischer at SLAM on his overseas path crossing with Brandon Jennings' path.

Fleischer, an intern for SLAM, went to see Jennings play, and Brandon had 10 steals in the game. Sick.

-Game-winning dunk by Shawn Marion last night.

-Todd Zolecki, back and better than ever at the Zo Zone. Of course, this link brought to you by The Fightins, which reminds me, check out meech's 25 Random Baseball Things.

-I received my Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition this week, and thanks to a heads up by Enrico, I went searching for Sixers dancer Melanie.

Very nice. View her SI photos here.

-Potentially good news for Villanova and North Carolina. No. 1 UConn's second leading scorer, Jerome Dyson, may be done for the year. Good news for the rest of the country. Terrible news for UConn and especially Dyson, who absolutely killed Nova in their game this year.

-Ken Griffey Junior is on his way back to Seattle.

Imagine if he, Randy Johnson and Alex Rodriguez had never left. What could have been.

-Notre Dame beat Louisville by 33 last night, still sucks.

-The NBA All-Star Weekend is great, no matter what the rest of you say.

-Friends Central grad Hakim Warrick threw down some nasty dunks against the Sixers on Wednesday, like this one:

There's no place like home for the Philly boy, who tied his career high with 31 points in the loss to the Sixers.

-The stache is back.

Sal Fasano is a Rockie.

-Stanley Pringle likes to masturbate the ball down the court. Err, he uses the taunts as motivation.

-Sir Charles will be back on TNT after the All-Star break.

-And in case you didn't see Blake Griffin defy gravity, here it is:

-Tantrums and fights—hockey is great.

-Watching Duke fail never gets old.

-I would love to see Ichiro pitch.

-Agreed, these were the best all-star unis:

I could watch Al and Jordan chest bump all day.

-Mets fans: concerned. He forgot, the World Fucking Champions signed everyone but Pat Burrell and, you know, own their ass.

-Some video of Penn State-bound Northeast senior Curtis Drake:

I saw that kid play in high school against Archbishop Wood in the Catholic League Championship two years, and he's fast as hell.

-Bill Russell turned 75 yesterday:

-Just watch:

And, because it was the single most impressive performance in dunk contest history but a no-contest win, with all due respect to Stevie Franchise, here is a clip of Vince doing his damn thing:

And for bonus coverage, here is in high school at the McDonald's All-American game:

-Update: Trade: Jermaine O'Neal to Miami, Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks to Toronto.

Perhaps this means, finally, some consistent run for Beasley?

BallHype: hype it up!

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