Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Want to Smile? Tune In to Some Hockey

It's a good time to be a hockey fan in Philadelphia right now. First off, the Flyers currently sit at fourth in the Eastern Conference and second in the Atlantic Division, and they've played the least amount of games (55) in the conference. They're getting healthy and playing good hockey, and the team has a lot of depth.

To top things off, the Rangers are struggling of late and the Penguins are currently four points out of the eighth and final playoff spot in the East. And they just fired their coach who took them to the Stanley Cup Finals last year. Tremendous.

Making things even better, both the Rangers and Penguins lost last night, and New York even got the shit kicked out of them physically. I mean, just check out Cam Janssen beating the piss out of Aaron Voros.

Spectacular. Now, if something bad can just happen to those damn Devils …

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