Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Rod In Your Butt

Well it turned out that Rod in Arod's butt was actually a syringe. A syringe filled with steroids. Which means what? That he took steroids, that he cheated, that his stats were padded for three years or so, and that he is a bold face liar. For some reason, Alex did an interview with Katie Couric a few years ago and told the world that he never used performance enhancers or never even thought about them. First of all, I am not sure why a baseball player would ever do an interview with Katie Couric. That is beyond me. How can someone believe him when he said he only took steroids for those years? He lied before about it and what makes us think that he isn't lying some more?

If it was up to me, the only player in the hall of fame from the past 20 years would be Ken Griffey Jr. Junior Griffey should be the role model for all kids growing up. The man played baseball the right way, sacrificing his body and a lot of games by playing remarkable defense. As he got older, his body started breaking down. He has been hurt more often and his stats have dropped. It is what is supposed to happen as a player gets older. The Kid has had an amazing career despite of everything. A sure first ballot hall of famer and one of the greatest of all time. When he retires, he will have no doubts in his mind about whether he did things the right way. God bless Ken Griffey Jr.

A quick rant as well. Bud Selig. You are an idiot. I read a report in the Inquirer that said you made 18 million dollars last year and took a 3 million dollar raise. If that is true then you should kill yourself. Teams like the Arizona Diamondbacks are cutting jobs like crazy and losing 45 million dollars or so and you are giving yourself a pay raise. Here is an idea. Lose about 17 and a half million of that salary and save a couple hundred jobs. Are you even doing that good of a job? Go fuck yourself.

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  1. all of this only reaffirms my hatred of GAYROD. Him and Moddona should both be put on an island to be used for nuclear testing. Would you guys down there still take him now after this. We'll overnight him and his needles to you and you send us Ryan Howard. We'll even toss in Jose Veras for ur pen and Jose Molina for a very capable back up catcher for you.

  2. oh i almost forgot, Selig should be put on this island to. He is worlds leading RETARD both in brains and in looks. He looks a crack baby that also has fallen tree syndrome.

  3. Doug Glanville writes an opinion piece about A-Rod.


  4. I am offended by the blatent rip off of my phrase. Everyone knows that I used ARod in your Butt for multiple fantasy teams and i feel i deserve the recognition.

    I petition a vote to deport Arod. If he doesnt want to play for the USA in the world baseball classic why should ww let him live here? Same with the rest of theese jokers who were born here but are playing for other countries. Thats just garbage. What an ass.

  5. Alex Rodriguez, Jose Molina, and Jose Veras for Ryan Howard? Are you on drugs? That would be ridiculous.

  6. He's a liar. He only admitted it because he cheated. The name Torre used in his book fits well.

  7. Most emasculating way to sit in a chair ever.
    /getting to the real issues