Monday, February 2, 2009

In the Beginning There Were Links

Due to my extended duties at the real job, and my utter laziness, my posts have been few and far between in the past week or so. My apologies. I would like to say that I saw the Flyers completely lay down against the Blues and the Sixers completely collapse against the Nets. That was dumb.

Also, Notre Dame basketball sucks. The Irish are 12-8 overall and 3-6 in conference play. Sure, they've played a tough schedule, but that's just pathetic. If there is any justice in the college basketball world, Penn State will be ranked and Notre Dame will be off the board. After all, the Nittany Lions are 17-5 and 6-3 in conference play. And they just beat Michigan State in Lansing. The moral of the story is, just like the football team, Notre Dame basketball sucks.

Anyway, onto the links …

-Nice little Q&A with Temple-bound Norristown senior Khaliff Wyatt:

Q. What made you decide on Temple?

A. I know that coach Fran Dunphy is a great coach. Temple and Coach Dunphy have a lot of history. They made me feel comfortable.

Q. What will you bring to the Owls' program?

A. Right now, I'm known for putting the ball in the hole. But I know that I won't be able to get on the court if I don't play defense. So I'm trying to be a better defender.

Q. What's your best attribute on the court?

A. I think my best attribute is making the players around me better.

-Some ridunkulous (see what I did there) dunks by A.I. posted by Antone:

-The plays of the Super Bowl here, here and here.

-I thought it was a fumble in real time, but maybe that Kurt Warner fumble should have been reviewed.

-Something about an apple near a tree or falling down or something:

-Marijuana affects the memory, but apparently, it doesn't affect one's ability to swim.

-The 25 Best Sports Video Games for those of us born in the '80s. California Games was the shit, but personally, I'd add NFL Football '94 for Sega.

Just try to stop the Barry Sanders spin move. I dare you.

-A pretty awesome way to score your first NHL goal:

-Good news, Phillies fans: The Mets are close to resigning Oliver Perez.

-If you like KG, this looks pretty awesome:

-8 Penn Staters were invited to the combine.

-I hate the Steelers. I hate Ohio State. But I have to say, I loved Santonio Holmes' LeBron celebration:

For the record, I missed the Miller High Life one-second commercial, and I'm too lazy to even look it up. Somehow, I have a feeling it was pretty awesome though. That High Life guy is the man.

Update: The ESPN/USA Today poll is out—Notre Dame did, indeed, drop out of the top 25. However, Penn State did not make the leap. The Nittany Lions did receive 13 votes though, an improvement from their prior 0 votes. Moving in the right direction.

BallHype: hype it up!

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