Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Wish It Was Friday Links

Today is Tuesday, which is dumb. The more I work, the more I can't wait for Fridays. They are the most glorious of work days because no matter what, you know you are mere hours away from two-plus days of freedom. Plus, I try to avoid work as much as is possible without getting fired on Fridays.

It's beginning to get really, really bad for me though. Immediately when I get home from work Monday, I find myself uttering the phrase: "I wish it was Friday already." And I mean it. I really do. Some people look forward to going to work, or so I hear. I've yet to meet any of those people. I dread every morning when that alarm goes off. All I want to do is sleep until my body tells me to wake up, not some annoying alarm clock. But no, I have to wake up the same time each weekday to go to some place I don't really want to be.

Whoever came up with this whole work for 40-plus years system needs a swift kick to the head. Let's link …

-My alma mater's only Heisman Trophy winner was John Cappelletti. Here's why:

-The Eagles have finally signed their first-round draft pick.

Jeremy Maclin reportedly is inked for five years.

-As you might imagine, Dwight Howard was pretty good in high school:

-Andy Reid threw a hissy fit yesterday because the Stewart Bradley injury was broken before he deemed it necessary to be broken. Well, the big, fat baby is coming off incredibly childish and behind the times. Here's Phil Sheridan's take, and Gonzo's take here, with a great line:

As for Eskin, Bowen and Seltzer - don't blame them. They were just doing what good journos in every city in America do - making phone calls, working sources and digging for facts.

Frankly, that's the truly upsetting thing here. I've been forced to write a column that partially defends Eskin.

I'll never forgive Reid for that.

-I'm not sure if you've heard, but Duke and UNC do not like each other:

-Delonte West would like his big piece of chicken:

-Great read on Stephon Marbury:

All of Marbury’s life, he’d seen people use basketball to exploit the ones around him; by using the skills he’d learned over the course of a lifetime to make himself seem far more valuable than he was, Marbury used basketball to exploit them. A good point guard creates a false narrative with the ball to fool the defense; Marbury’s slick crossovers, ubiquitous step-backs, and elaborate no-looks created a false narrative — Steph Marbury, Franchise Player — that fooled everyone else.

-The top 100 dunks of 2008-09:

-Is Cole Hamels suffering from the Verducci theory?

-More on Reid acting like a baby from Levy/Ray Didinger.

-North Carolina lands a 6'6" markeman.

That's him, P.J. Hairston, going head-to-head with future Tar Heel teammate Reggie Bullock.

-Ed has released his 2009 Preseason All-Americans:

LB: Navorro Bowman, Penn State - When you start to be compared with legendary 'backer Lavar Arrington, you can make my list.

Oh, and Royal Ivey is back with the Sixers, if that sort of thing excites you. How can it not?

BallHype: hype it up!


  1. Appreciate the link back fam, couple of points...

    How good do you think Maclin will really be in year 1? I think it took DeSean about 4-5 games to get in sync with Donovan, i'm guessing it'll be a similar timeframe before Maclin gets a 3 catch, 110 yard game.

    Where'd you find that read about Stephon Marbury, they need to write a book about his life, I would read it.


  2. I think Maclin will become their third wideout maybe 6 games in. He missed a lot of camp, but the Birds are drooling over his talent.

    Steph I found on SLAM. Been an avid reader of the mag since I can remember … showed so much love to Iverson. I check out the site daily.