Monday, August 10, 2009

Dumb, Broke and Links

Hey, remember when I told you I lost some money this weekend? That turned out to bite me in the ass this morning. Well, that and my increasingly ineffective memory.

This morning, which was hot as balls, I walked the whole way to el on my way to work only to realize I left my tokens in my house. To make matters worse, due to my weekend, my wallet was empty. Not a single dollar bill to boot. So I had to walk back to my house, grab my tokens and head back to the el. So I had the extra special reward of sweating my ass half double the amount as usual this morning.

The moral of the story is, once again, that I'm an idiot. Let's link …

-Want to see a terrible towel on fire? Of course you do, because Pittsburgh blows.

-Kevin Kolb and Trent Cole left practice with injuries. Hopefully nothing serious this time around.

-John Wall posterized Jerry Stackhouse:

-More and more, it seems as though umpires are becoming the story instead of, you know, the players and the game:

Phillies broadcaster Larry Anderson, calling the game on radio, had a different opinion. He recalled a conversation he had with crew chief Joe West the night before where he questioned West on some of the calls and inconsistencies he's seen around the league this year. Anderson said that West responded by explaining they are the best in the business.

Anderson admitted having to bite his lip to West in reply, but offered what he wanted to say to the listening audience:

"If you guys are the best in the business, you've got a really bad business."

-The preseason kicked off last night and this happened:

That's an awesome fake, but isn't it a little odd to show that in the preseason?

-Great line by Shoals on Iverson:

You discard a demi-god at your own risk.

-One of the coolest dunks ever even if it did happen against UNC:

-Cooleys vs. Mottrams:

-Ricky Rubio is staying in Spain. Thanks a lot, Minnesota.

No Phillies tonight, so go outside and try not to melt from the heat.

BallHype: hype it up!

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