Thursday, August 6, 2009

Welcome to the Neighborhood

I think you'll fit in quite nicely here, Cliff. He certainly made a nice first impression on his new home fans, pitching masterfully again, surrendering just one in the first inning and nothing more to pick up his second win in as many starts as a Phillie.

All told, he went 7 innings today, giving up six hits and the one earned run, while striking out nine Rockies and walking one. In case you're counting, that's 16 innings pitched, 2 earned runs, 10 hits, three walks and 15 strikeouts in two starts in a Phillies uniform, good for a 1.12 ERA. The only downfall was he couldn't match is 2-for-4 performance at the dish in San Francisco today, going 0-for-2.

I've already proclaimed him my favorite player on the team. He did absolutely nothing to dissuade my feelings today, endearing himself to the Phillies fans right off the bat with his performance in the 3-1 win to take the series from Colorado.

My only squabble is the fact that I didn't get to watch it, seeing as I'm at work. Actually, I have another problem, and this one has more to do with Major League Baseball than anything work related. Thanks to MLB's Nazi-like regime with MLB content, I can't even listen — LISTEN! — to the game on 1210 am's online live streaming broadcast because MLB would prefer to charge you on its own site to listen to your team's games on the internet. Bullshit.

Now, I can understand charging to actually watch the game online. Fine. I'm OK with that. But to listen to the fucking game? What's the difference between listening online and just listening on the radio? Pretty much nothing. And if I had simply had a radio on-hand, I could have listened to the game free of charge on 1210. Sadly, I forgot to bring one in, so I went to 1210's website and clicked on the listen live tab. Instead of the Phillies game, which it said it was broadcasting, I was sent to some stupid show, I think Rush Limbaugh, because MLB blocks internet listening.

So tell me MLB, what's the fucking difference between listening on the radio and listening on the internet, you fucking jerks? I would have loved to hear L.A. and Franzke call Cliff Lee's first home game in Citizens Bank Park. But no, you wouldn't let me.

Well guess what, assholes? I'm getting a radio for my cubicle and there's nothing you can do about it. Too bad I didn't think of this beforehand. I'm always brilliant at coming up with great ideas after the fact.

But hey, Cliff Lee! He's the tits!

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  1. Checking out my dominate fantasy baseball team and came across this interesting summary of the prospects we gave up to get Lee:

    Carrasco - 8-9 after getting a win off of 5 ERs over 7.2 innings, ERA sits at 5.29

    Jason Donald - Homered for only the second time this year last night and is batting .211

    Lou Marson - hitting .235 with no extra base hits for cleveland's minor league affiliate

    Jason Knapp - on the DL

    Of course they're all still young but Knapp really seems to be the only one with significant potential and I would've said that before the trade. Donald and Marson appear to have almost no power and to be pretty much run of the mill players (maybe even run of the mill bend players) and carrasco hasn't done one damn thing that I've ever seen or read about other than have 'potential.' Hell of a damn trade...