Monday, August 17, 2009

I Guess I'm Stuck with Josh Hull

It's no secret. I've made it clear. I do not like Josh Hull. Not one bit.

He's slow. He can't cover. He's a suspect tackler. He takes horrible routes to the football. He can't shed blocks. And people somehow think he's good despite the fact that he is not. At all.

So last year when freshman Mike Mauti got on the field and looked a hell of a lot more like a real football player than Josh Hull did, I was excited for the guy to get an opportunity to overtake the senior Hull in his sophomore season, joining Navorro Bowman and Sean Lee as a dominant linebacking trio.

Well, it seems as though now those dreams are dead. Mauti suffered a knee injury yesterday in a scrimmage and is getting an MRI. Hopefully it's not serious and Mauti can play this year, but any hopes of him starting probably just went out the window. Which sucks. Because he showed a lot of promise last year, and Josh Hull sucks.

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  1. So tell us how you really feel about Josh Is he really that bad? I mean, I know when Oklahoma's middle linebacker Ryan Reynolds went down, you could see how inept every linebacker behind him was. So I feel your pain bro.


  2. Hull was the starter last year, and he had a good game here and there, but I really just think he's no good. Too bad, because Mauti looked like a stud. And it is a torn ACL. Donezo for the year. Rough.