Friday, August 14, 2009

Vickless Post: The Patron Saint Speaketh

When Doug Glanville speaks writes, we listen read, courtesy of MOUTHPIECE Blog:

On paper, I was ready for my ride into the sunset. I had a nice Ivy League engineering degree, a wonderfully supportive family, some coins in my pocket. My transition to the other side was supposed to be smooth sailing to blissful relaxation. But I didn’t really know much about this world I was entering. I had a Ph.D. in baseball, but in every other realm that involved making a living, I was stuck at my college graduation ceremony, 15 years before.

Managing finances is just part of the problem. An even bigger issue is what to do with your time. The pleasure of a hammock at age 35 only lasts so long for someone who likes to be engaged. Like most players, I had been on the go for decades. I only had one gear, and when I retired I discovered that it had nothing to do with the beach and a glass of iced tea.

On top of that, most players are not set up for “real life” at all. Having been nearly invisible for a decade between every March and October, you have no idea how to be an ever-present father or a spouse, no idea how to create a resume or handle a job interview, no idea what is required to run a business or even what to do in the summer — a season with a suddenly inordinate amount of time. Plus, because you can no longer perform athletically, you’re probably fighting a strange emptiness that you can’t talk to just anyone about; with a million dollars at your disposal, complaining could be seen as insensitive.

Powerful words … but what does he think about Vick?

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