Friday, August 14, 2009

What in Holy Hell? Snausages?

I really thought about writing something a little more in-depth last night about this whole Michael Vick thing, but I wanted to give this a chance to breathe. And upon further review … I'm still completely baffled.

I'm not here to judge Michael Vick or his transgressions. The man has paid the price for his wrongdoings and deserves the chance to get his life and career back on track. I just, well, I just don't understand this from a football perspective. Where, exactly, does Michael Vick fit in to the Eagles? They have an entrenched, borderline Hall of Fame quarterback starting, a 2nd-round pick who the team seems to love as the backup, and frankly, perhaps the most talented 3rd string quarterback in A.J. Feeley.

Beyond that, the roster is loaded with wide receivers, and unless Michael Vick is coming in as a third or fourth tailback, well, I don't see where he fits. I know last night Donovan and Andy both discussed how Vick is 100 percent a quarterback. OK. And then Donovan said this doesn't really affect him or Kolb. OK. So then what, exactly, is the point of signing him? What's his role? If he isn't there to be the backup or the starter, is he just a novelty used for trick plays and decoys? Is he actually going to make any sort of impact whatsoever when he's eligible to return after game 6? I don't know. I don't get it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm enamored with the talent that is MIchael Vick. If he can come anywhere close to what he was in Atlanta, he adds an interesting, exciting and explosive component to this team. I hope he does. But I have to say, I was completely blindsided by this move and am struggling to understand it. Guess we'll see how it all shakes out.

What a whirlwind of a year in Philadelphia. There was the death of Harry Kalas, the signing of Chris Pronger, the death of Jim Johnson, the acquisition of Cliff Lee — who absolutely dominated again yesterday — Pedro-mania and now this. Philadelphia is without question the center of the sports universe at the moment. Let the games begin.

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  1. Clearly Andy wanted a viable backup for this years madden.

  2. excellent point. put in donny for rolling out to the right and vick for rollouts to the left.

  3. The Rev is speechless?? Come on, brother. I've been waiting since I heard the news to get the perspective from the most knowledgable (sp) Philly fan I know.

  4. Frankly, I just never thought this was a possibility. I don't know what to think. I don't hate it. I don't love it. But I sure as shit can't wait to see how it plays out.

    This is the single craziest move by any Philadelphia franchise in my life. It should be very, very interesting.