Friday, April 24, 2009

Get Boldin Now

Um, if these reports are true, the Eagles better fucking get Anquan Boldin in midnight green. Like now. Right now.

A second-round pick? Really? That's it? I'd give Arizona my second-round pick right now. Hell, I'd throw in a third and Reggie Brown. One thing's for damn sure, the Eagles better not let the Giants beat them to the punch. And losing out to the Jets would be pretty inexcusable.

There he is Joe Banner, Andy Reid and Jeffrey Lurie. That No. 1 receiver, for the low, low price of a second-round pick, is right there for the taking. Anquan Boldin certainly sounds better than drafting some of the Eagles' notable second-rounders of late (last year excluded, because DeSean and Laws have proven to be worthy picks) such as Kevin Kolb, Winston Justice, Reggie Brown and Matt McCoy.

For the love of God, make this happen, draft Moreno and get my hopes up for another run to the Super Bowl before crushing my hopes with a devastating loss. Please!

BallHype: hype it up!

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  1. I hate the Eagles (I'm a Cowboys fan, what do ya expect????), but since McNabb is my favorite player, I want them to get Boldin. They better not fuck this up.