Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Keith Jones Hates Mike Komisarek

I'm not sure if anyone caught this or not, but last night during the second intermission of the Caps-Rangers game, Keith Jones completely went off on Montreal defenseman Mike Komisarek. Unfortunately, I can't find the video, but I watched the entire thing, and Jonesy was completely dogging Komisarek for being afraid of getting hit, playing scared and completely sucking. It was pretty damn hilarious.

After spending the entire time really blasting Komisarek, he then said, "We better go to commercial before I say something bad." If anyone can come up with the footage, let me know for sure. It was sweet.

In more sweet hockey news, check out this interview, where Ron MacLean calls out Colin Campbell and the NHL's lack of consistency in handing out suspensions:

Hockey is so freakin awesome.

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  1. I have been looking for more on this since I read your post. No video I just see a long thread on this message board...


    I am dyin to hear this from Jonesy.

  2. here's a link someone recorded off their television.