Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Miss Harry … Links to Ease the Pain

Tonight, it will finally set in once the Phillies and Nationals get underway. For the first time since I've been on earth, the Phillies will play a game without Harry Kalas ever setting foot in the ballpark. On Monday, he was there beforehand. Tonight, he may not be there in person, but he sure as shit will be there in spirit, with every single one of those players, managers, coaches and fans down in Washington.

Thankfully, I won't have to endure much awkwardness with the Phillies broadcast because my main attention will be held by the Flyers-Penguins game. It is the Stanley Cup playoffs after all. But no doubt, I'll be thinking of Harry every time I check in to see how the Phils are doing.

Hopefully, some of these links can take your mind off the sadness for a little while …

-Not sure if you heard, but Greg Paulus visited Michigan to discuss playing quarterback. Yes, that Greg Paulus.

Well, here's a great post about that possibility:

See, Michigan football is a collection of twats and fags that think their shit don’t stink. Guess what, their shit stinks something fierce. It’d be one thing if the Michigan program, both players and fans, were as classy as they said they were, but they’re not. They’re a concoction of the worst aspects of fandom there can be, combining the ridiculous condescension of Pittsburgh Steeler fans with the blind, ignorant arrogance of Yankee fans while adding a dash of Red Sox Nation ass-baggery.

In short…they DESERVE Greg Paulus as their QB.

First off…Duke is the king of the douche pile. If you even consider going to Duke, you’re a balls-deep homo, no matter what. This is science, don’t try and argue it. If you’re a decent basketball player at Duke, that’s fine…you have my respect as a player but I’d still want to watch you fall down a spiral staircase littered with broken glass. Paulus wasn’t good, so he’s pretty much worthless as a human being because of his Duke connection and the fact that he slaps the floor like a little pussy.

But if he went to Michigan? Oh my…

Really though, I just wanna see Michigan suck even longer. Because fuck them, that’s why.

Truly, truly brilliant writing.

-Some Harry Memorial Tribute Info.

-The Flyers 2008-09 regular season, in video form:

-Ed makes his case for LeBron.

And yes, if you read that, you'll see correctly that I've been asked to partake in Ed the Sports Fan's 3-part MVP series. Ed had LeBron, Kenny has Dwyane Wade tomorrow, and yes, I was asked if I'd be interested in making the case for Kobe and accepted, meaning on Friday, head on over there and check out my argument for Kobe. Hate me now.

-I've really been enjoying Will Leitch's "Ten Humans of the Week" column, and this week's was particular excellent:

Harry Kalas was one of the last of his breed. Not just because he was a beloved broadcaster. But because he cared enough to stick around so long. People don't do that anymore. For better or worse.

-Chris Cooley has his own show:

-Deron Williams is pretty good I guess:

-Kanye + NBA = sweet commercial:

-Andre did have a sweet dunk last night:

-Jayson Stark, excellent as always, on Harry.

-When animals attack:

Or should I say, get attacked?

-Puck Daddy, usually on top of the hockey world, makes some tragic mistakes in this Flyers-Penguins preview, but, to be fair, it's not Wyshynski, it's Sean Leahy. For instance:

During the last month of the season, the line of Asham, Carcillo and Danny Briere have been a pleasant surprise for head coach John Stevens, with the two tough guys making room available for Briere.

I'd rather someone not write about the series at all than to write something as incredibly stupid as this. During the last month of the season there, Leahy, Danny Briere was anchored on a line with out-of-this-world talent Claude Giroux and Aaron Asham, with Carcillo occasionally spelling Asham on the line. Briere, Asham and Carcillo did not exist together. In fact, Carcillo has been playing very well of late alongside Darroll Powe, for the most part.

Also, he runs through this entire preview without mentioning Claude Giroux until the very end, meaning he hasn't paid remotely any attention to the Flyers since January. Horribly uniformed preview.

-A Michael Vick reality show? I thought Ookie already had a show.

-Spike Lee's Kobe documentary preview:

-And finally, just go over to The Zo Zone and enjoy.

I hate the Penguins, and the entire city of Pittsburgh, so very much.


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