Tuesday, April 28, 2009

John Tortorella is a Raving Douche

This happened a few days ago during game 5, which, of course, the Rangers lost, and with game 7 set for tonight in D.C., Dan Steinberg interviewed the Caps fan who was involved in the incident.

By all accounts, John Tortorella is an awful human being. He was a complete asshole in Tampa Bay. If you don't believe me, just ask Vinny Prospal.

When the Rangers hired him, it was a match made in heaven, an asshole coach taking the bench in New York. Perfect. To make matters more entertaining, the Rangers signed the crazy Sean Avery back to the fold, the same Sean Avery Tortorella ripped as an analyst before getting back into coaching. He bashed Avery basically for being an asshole. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Anyway, with Tortorella's outburst during game 5, and subsequent suspension for game 6, Tortorella is showing his true colors. No matter what happened, an NHL coach should have the restraint to control himself from the taunts of fans. He's supposed to be a professional. But instead, he lost his composure, just as his team has done. The Rangers already squandered their 3-1 series lead, and it would only be fitting if Washington bounced New York tonight, overcoming a big deficit and sending Tortorella's ass home.

The guy may be one hell of a coach (he has the Stanley Cup to prove it), but an asshole like him deserves nothing short of embarrassing his organization and his city by losing three straight games after being up 3-1.

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  1. There are great coaches who are crazy/loud/confrontational in sports.
    Torts, Billy Martin,Bill Belichick, Mike Singletary, Mike Ditka....
    And if one or two players who happen to be there can't deal with it then they are free to leave when the contract is up or ask for a trade. But like the announcer in the clip said let's see how tough that fan really is if the glass wasn't there. guaranteed the guys gets his ass kicked. I have no problem with Heckling and talking some shit,sports isn't sports without it. But if you want to take it to physical contact of some kind like dumping a beer on a coach or player then that fan should be a man and not hide behind the glass come down and get ur can of whip ass put on you,....

  2. That fatass retard who was calling out torts and some of the players needs a good beatdown to be put in his place.

  3. but that cup ring he has speaks volumes, stevens has no ring on his hands.

  4. stevens is a dick too, just not in as much of an asshole kind of way. Also, if you noticed, I did say Torts is a hell of a coach, and he's definitely much, much better than Stevens. But he's still an asshole.

  5. i can agree with that pretty much, but sometimes the asshole personality approach works for certain guys hence my list. all those guys have won with the exception of singletary, i do think that one day he will win though he knows the game. they just need to get him the right players and a new QB Alex Smith is never gonna be shit.

  6. i have absolutely no comment or feelings toward the 49ers.

  7. on a side note after watching the replay of the Hartnell hit that was clean. he was just in a bad spot reaching for the puck. This is why most Europeans are soft they don't play the game with same kind of physical stuff and in North America. Now the Brashear hit on Betts was not clean is away from the puck and was a blindside forearm/elbow to the head. I want him dead he's a worthless piece of shit.

  8. if by hartnell you mean upshall, agreed.