Friday, April 24, 2009

Sidney Crosby Has a Vagina

I would just like to say for the record that Sidney Crosby has a vagina. I am not sure if there is a person on this planet that infuriates me more than him. Also, I believe that if I ever saw him on the street and we come to blows, I would kill him. My anger towards him would lead me to just annihilate him. A person can only take so much of his whining and overacting before it leads to vomiting.

"The kid" must get his nickname from the fact that he cries like a 2 year old anytime something doesn't go his way. Crosby leads the league in sticks to opposing teams stomachs and then skating behind one of his defensmen for protection. This was evident last night when he crosschecked Richards in the back in the last minute of play and then proceeded to stay 10 feet away from Richards. Crosby is a vagina.

Also, I could not help but remember Kimmo's comments about the refs treating the Penguins differently then the Flyers after game 1. Kimmo brought up how the refs would seem to converse with the Penguins while they would yell at the Flyers when they discussed penalties. At the end of the 2nd period when Jim Jackson was yelling about Mike Richards being brought down behind the play, Richards went over to ask the ref about the play. You can read the refs lips yelling, "Thats enough, get to the locker room," without even discussing the play.

Speaking of vaginas, I would just like to point out that in MY OPINION, Robbie Gould should probably kill himself. That kick was 18 yards [Ed note: The kick was 25 yards: Gould, Robbie 3rd 07:54 25 yds - Missed; The line of scrimmage was the fucking 8 you fucking moron, so don't question me.] that he missed at Penn St. against Iowa.

The kid was horrible then and has he even kicked a field goal over 50 yards yet? I'm not sure, but he is in the top five of NFL players that I am 100 percent positive that I would be able to beat up. I wish him the worst in life.

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  1. i hope sidney crosby's agent sends me a cease and desist letter

  2. Who the hell cares about hockey? Lawyers probably have better things to do with their time than worrying about NHL filing malpractice on botched nose jobs (*cough* Arkansas Fred *cough*).

  3. i heard arkansas fred is asian. or that the doctor made his eyes like that