Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Robbie Gould is Not a Fan of Me

So today I'm just casually browsing through my emails when I see a message with the subject line "Robbie Gould" from an email address I do not recognize. It simply states:

Dear Webmaster of "The House that Glanville Built,"

Please see attached Cease and Desist letter.

Jim Ivler
Sportstars, Inc.
Metropolitan Tower
142 West 57th Street
Third Floor
New York, NY 10019
(201)930-0062 office
(732)995-1132 cell
(201)624-7337 fax

Attached is a "Cease and Desist" letter. Here's what it said:

Recipient Information:
Webmaster of “The House that Glanville Built”

Sender Information:
James J. Ivler, Esq.

Sportstars, Inc.

142 W. 57th Street, 3rd Floor

New York, NY 10019

(212) 757-4044

Re: Cease and Desist Demand

Dear Sir or Madam:

Sportstars, Inc. represents over 100 current and former NFL players. It has come to our attention that you, or posters on your website, have engaged in a campaign that may discredit or damage our client Robbie Gould of the Chicago Bears. This was done by allowing and/or encouraging the posting of negative and defamatory comments regarding Mr. Gould. Such comments have the effect of damaging a player’s reputation and the player’s existing and prospective business relationships. Pursuant to this letter, we demand that you cease and desist all such activity and remove all existing content and material with regards to Mr. Gould.

Unless you immediately cease and desist all such activities, we will have no choice but to take the appropriate legal steps to enforce and protect our client’s rights, including any necessary civil claims.

Please immediately acknowledge your receipt of this letter and your intent to comply with the request as set forth herein.


James J. Ivler, Esq.

I was more than a bit surprised to say the least, especially after being accused of engaging "in a campaign that may discredit or damage" Robbie Gould. So I typed in Robbie Gould into this site's search and up came exactly four posts (now five), out of the nearly 700 posts on this site, with Robbie Gould's name mentioned in them. You can view them here, here, here and here.

First off, being mentioned in four posts, only two of which even focused on Gould, out of hundreds and hundreds of posts is hardly a campaign. Secondly, the most damaging words written about Gould are as follows:

"And for the hell of it, I hate Robbie Gould and I wish his leg fell off." —Arkansas Fred, Jan. 9, 2009

"I hate Robbie Gould. I hate him so very much. Every time I see him make a game-winning kick (Did you know he leads the NFL with 5 game-winners this year?), I want to claw my eyes out. Iowa 6, Penn State 4. A missed 25-yard field goal by Robbie Gould, one of many, many horrible misses during his horrific career at Penn State. And I was there to see most of them.

The more I see of him, the more I hate his guts. I'll go so far as to say that Robbie Gould is my least favorite player to ever play at Penn State, and quite possibly my least favorite player of all time. In any sport. I hate you Robbie Gould. I hate you." —myself, Dec. 23, 2008

"Worst kicker in the history of Penn State. In my junior season, Penn State lost to Iowa 6-4 in the worst game ever played. Robbie Gould missed a 25-yard field goal in that game, wide left. And it was ridiculously wide left. Not even close. He should be shot. This motherfucker couldn't make a kick if his life fucking depended on it at Penn State. Then he goes to the pros somehow and makes the Pro Bowl. Die, Robbie Gould. Die a terrible, embarrassing death.

5. Robbie Gould. Yes, I hate him that much." —myself, Dec. 18, 2008

"i've never been so ashamed to be a penn state alum since robbie gould landed a job in the nfl." —The Charles, Nov. 13, 2008

Not an ounce of libel in the bunch. Simply voicing our opinions on the hatred we have for Robbie Gould. The guy is a Pro Bowl kicker. He makes millions of dollars. He was not as good when I attended Penn State with him. Therefore, I do not like him. Those are facts and my opinions. And I can write them, because it's my First Amendment right.

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  1. Take that Robbie Gould. You will never make my fantasy team roster again!!!

  2. robbie gould must google himself a lot.

  3. So you aren't taking the posts down like they asked you to in the letter?

  4. 6-4. Why must you remind me.

    Dear Robbie, remember the guy who used to mock you at volleyball games and anywhere else on campus. That was this guy. If I saw you today I would do the same. The past is the past and no matter what you do in the pros you have to live with the shame of your awfulness in college.

  5. I know a kid from penn state named sean that once clapped for him in a class room. I'm not sure what ever happened to that kid but i think he turned out gay. AND IT WAS an 18 YARD FIELD GOAL HE MISSED. HE IS THE WORST. I'll say my piece about him by friday.

  6. I heard that Sean guy is doin pretty good for himself, just bought a house actually. I think he was just clapping so he could get one of those lil plastic footballs thrown to him.

    P.S. I am pretty sure Robbie missed a bunch of extra points @ PSU as well.

  7. i heard he bought a house in quakertown. bragging about that is like bragging you own the biggest trailer in the trailer park

  8. Im willing to bet that Chris McKelvy would still not give his left testicle for robbie gould

  9. I emailed James Ivler back and curiously have not gotten any response back … wonder why.

  10. At least Sean has a trailer...you on the other hand are just paying for the insurance on Lib's Jag for your hole in the wall