Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The NBA, Where 30 is Better than 42 Happens

When is 30 points greater than 42 points? When this shot is the one that gets you points 28, 29 and 30:

If I ever had any doubt in my mind, it's all been washed away: Ray Allen is the greatest shooter I've ever laid eyes on. Better than Reggie Miller. Better than Mark Price, Steve Kerr. Better than anyone. He's a freak, and the man has some ice water in his veins.

Last night my roommates and I were going back and forth between the Celtics-Bulls game and the Capitals-Rangers game, and man, if you missed the second half of the Bulls-Celtics game, you missed quite a show. Minutes after we tuned in after halftime, my one roommate asked why you don't hear much about Ben Gordon overall, seeing as he is real good. I replied, "Well, he isn't THAT good." Then Gordon proceeded to completely GO OFF, shoving my words right down my throat.

Gordon was unconscious last night. I saw him miss exactly one shot in the time I was watching, and the guy finished with a game-high 42 points, including six threes. He was just going bonkers. Every time he touched the ball, it was a given that it was going in.

And the fun part was, in the second half, Ray Allen was doing the exact same thing. The two former UConn stars were going back and forth right at each other, oftentimes matched up against one another. And in the end, the elder Allen showed his younger counterpart how it's really done, scoring 28 of his 30 points in the second half, including the game-winning dagger. It was a truly epic battle between the young and the old of UConn lore, this time on the NBA stage.

It was really cool listening to Ray Allen interviewed by David Aldridge, as Allen talked about how last year he went up against a fellow Connecticut guy in Rip Hamilton and had to chase him all over the place and then last night how he had to do the same thing, chasing fellow Huskie Ben Gordon all over the court. He may be a Celtic, but Ray Allen is good people. And the greatest shooter I've ever seen.

Update: Allen's post-game interview here:

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  1. That was an awesome game last night...absolutely awesome, even though the C's won. Really glad you posted about that b/c this series is GREAT and D-Rose is making his mark as one of the elite players in the league. This Bulls team could be good for awhile now that Ty Thomas is figuring out how to play and with their sick depth. They have a leader (on the floor) now for the first time since Jordan (don't give me any of that Elton Brand dropping 20/10 while they lose 50 games crap) in Rose, even though he may be quiet.

  2. Remember when Eddie Robinson started for them?