Thursday, June 11, 2009

Air Conditioned Links

I live in a house with four other guys, making it a total of five men in one three-story household. Four of us are friends. I've known two of them since junior high/high school and the four of us who are friends all went to the same college (one transferred after a year, but still). But the fifth roommate, well, he's just an awful, awful person. Honestly, I can't even describe it. You have to meet him to fully appreciate how awkward, annoying and needy he is. It's terrible.

To top things off, he is stupid. Like, borderline brain-dead stupid. This stupid ass continually, even after a profanity-laden tirade by myself directed at him, turns on the air conditioning in our house without telling anyone and without shutting any of the windows.

As any human being with a few functioning brain cells knows, leaving the windows open with the air conditioning on makes the air conditioner have to work harder because the open windows allow all the hot air to come in and the cool air to go out of the house. Thus, it takes much more energy, which makes the electric bill skyrocket. Hey, fucko, it's a mother-fucking recession! Close the God damn windows, asshole! Honestly, if I could murder him and get away with it, I probably would. Too bad murder isn't legal.

Now the links …

-Antone gives Philly some love, first with a block by Theo and then with a dunk by Temple alum Eddie Jones on then-Sixer Shawn Bradley at the Spectrum:

-Roman explains why Phillies-Mets is the best rivalry in baseball.

-Yesterday, I highlighted the Philly kids in SLAM's Fresh 75. Today, SLAM has the Fresh 50 2010, including Penn State guard Talor Battle's little brother, Taran Buie, who has already committed to Penn State:

36 Taran Buie 6-3 SG/PG Bishop Maginn (NY) Penn State Ryan Jones’ soon-to-be favorite player is a smooth combo guard who can run the show, score from deep with his reliable stroke or going to the hole, using his effortless athleticism.

43 James Bell 6-5 SF/SG Montverde (FL) Villanova Bell, a high-flying swingman, has become a deadly shooter from the outside and is one of the more fundamentally-sound athletes you’ll see.

-Check out Raul Ibanez's stool. Seriously, click there. It's hilarious.

-Another humorous Raul photo.

-Steven Nash did a bang-up job as Letterman's NBA Finals correspondent:

-Why does Ohio State get a free pass?

Finally, I got an e-mail from Lavar's Love Child today, and it was classic:

They had the celtics nba trophy here today. i touched it. i tend to pick my nose a lot at work and may have rubbed some boogers on it. i feel like a better person for it

Excellent work, my friend. Excellent work.

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  1. I think this calls for at the very least a blanket party like they did to Private Pile in Full Metal Jacket. And it will work too, it got Private Pile to complete all the drills as ordered and made him smarter too!

  2. then at some point he'll just go nuts and blow his own head off, end of problem.

  3. well, he's not home very often, so at least that's a good thing.

  4. ok, a step in the right direction. how did he get up in the house anyway being that he's that much of a tard. who does he know or blow?

  5. because life can't be easy, that's why