Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh My God, They Killed Peavy

You Bastardos!

So much for getting a good look at Jake Peavy. The San Diego ace lasted just one inning last night, in which the Phils roughed him up for 4 runs on 3 hits and 2 walks, highlighted by a two-run double by Ryan Howard followed by a double from Raul Ibanez to plate Howard. Then he left the game with a mysterious injury, first described by Wheels as an ankle injury, then changed to sickness, and then a viral infection or something. I don't know.

But speaking of Raul, holy balls! On his 37th birthday, Ibanez, who has seen his still awesome average slowly drop the past week-plus, broke out of his very, very mini-funk with a 3-for-5, 5 RBI day that included the aforementioned RBI double and two bombs in the gargantuan Petco Park.

Happy birthday indeed.

While Raul was providing the fireworks at the dish, the youngster Antonio Bastardo looked preeeeetttttttaaaaayyyy, preeeeetttttttaaaaaaayyyyyy, prettttaaaaayyy, pretty good last night. Despite what the pregame scouting report said, Bastardo was throwing flames, routinely hitting 94 and 95 on the radar with his fastball, not 88-91. It's comically bad that the Phils, you know, the organization that Bastardo is in, didn't know he threw that hard. Explains a lot about the Phils' lack of pitching development in the minors over the years, doesn't it?

No matter, because last night we found out Bastardo does throw 93-95, and that seemed to be more than enough against the anemic San Diego offense.

Carlos Ruiz kept calling for fastball after fastball, and for some reason, the Padres couldn't pick it up. Bastardo picked up the win, going 6 full innings, surrendering just 4 hits, 1 run on the solo home run by Adrian Gonzalez (seriously, that guy is a stud … that was his fourth straight game with a home run) and walking just 1 while striking out 5 in the 10-5 victory for the Phils. Not bad, you Bastardo. Not bad at all.

Oh, and did anyone catch Josh Geer's inning of work for San Diego? That guy looks like he's never been taught how to throw a baseball in his life. How he's in the Major Leagues boggles my mind. Honestly, he didn't get his legs into his pitches at all, throwing it all arm, and he couldn't top 84 mph. It looked like my sister trying to throw a baseball. If he ever pitches for the Phillies, I will quit watching sports altogether. He's an embarrassment to men everywhere.

Seriously, how is he in the majors?

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