Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Say It Ain't So


Don't do it, Holmgren. Just don't. There's still time. The last thing the Flyers need right now is an emotionally unstable goaltender who is the definition of streaky. I've already expressed how much I do not want Ray Emery anywhere near the colors orange and black, even on Halloween, more than once no less. Yet here we are, inundated with the word that the Flyers, despite the complete and utter debacle that has been the goaltending position here in Philadelphia since, oh, I don't know, my entire fucking life, are going to sign the most insane, drug-addicted goalie to ever walk the face of the earth. A goaltender who has attacked team doctors, walked out on his team and completely melted down the season after taking this team to the Stanley Cup finals.

This is mind-boggling and really, indefensible. I'd gladly overpay for the above average Marty Biron than gamble on a complete nutcase. Yeah, you can tell me how talented he is and how he went to the Stanley Cup finals with Ottawa all you want, but there's a reason no other team in the NHL has touched him and why he was playing in Russia.

Plus, as I outlined in that May 5 post, Emery hasn't really shown any growth whatsoever since being banished overseas:

Emery then got into a fight with Senators teammate Brian McGrattan during a practice in Jan. 2008. He also got into it a bit with teammates Jason Spezza and Chris Neil.

Making matters worse, Emery got into a car accident, then a road rage incident where he allegedly threatened to kill an elderly driver who cut him off.

He once bragged in an interview that he’d been pulled over by police 30 times while in Ottawa.

The Sens finally decided to release him last summer. So he signed a contract with Atlant Moscow of the Kontinental Hockey League in Russia, and promptly got into a fight with the club’s doctor.

He then quit the team at midseason.

So Ray returned to Canada, and was charged in March with speeding. They impounded his Hummer.

In march 09 charged with speeding. on 416. Hummer impounded and his license suspended. said in a television interview stopped by police 30 times in two years.

in russia, pulled one day, got into an argument and emery jumpd the team doctor.

Yeah, sounds like a standup guy who really has his team's best interests in mind. Oh, not to mention, his career numbers: 2.71 goal against average and .907 save percentage, are worse than Marty Biron (2.59, .911), and Marty is, you know, sane and likable.

I also said if Holmgren signs him, I will hate him. And I stand by that statement. This is a horrible, horrible decision.

Of course, Emery could shut me up, play out of this world and make me eat my words. In which case, I'll concede to Holmgren and admit I was wrong. But there's no evidence to suggest that will be the case, and I expect nothing less than the lunatic we've seen thus far. If Emery plays how I expect him to, this move is disastrous.

The Flyers were already a team that seemed to fall apart down the stretch, with a young locker room that wasn't quite ready to win or lead. Now they're about to add a powder keg to that bunch while removing a steady, calming, likable guy in Biron, at least seemingly.

It sounds as though the decision has already been made to sign Emery and anoint him as the starting goaltender. I desperately hope Paul Holmgren reconsiders.

And for fuck's sake, at least give me something to be happy about and sign one of these elite faceoff guys because I'm going to need something to get me excited after this signing takes place. Fuck Ray Emery.

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  1. I usually tend to disagree with your opinions on front office moves, but signing Emery absolutely makes completely no sense. What makes Holmgren think he can get more out of that talent/temper/ego combo than Ottawa did? John Fucking Stevens??? LOL

  2. How dare you disagree with me most of the time … kidding of course.

    Yeah, I just don't understand it. That's the one position the Flyers have never quite solved completely, and now they go with a very, very unstable guy.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm rooting for Emery. I want this to work. I just wish I didn't have to want this to work, you know what I mean?

  3. I'd Love this move from my point of view. This means that every time the Rangers play the Flyers Sean Avery is just gonna set him off every time he's on the ice and Emery will rack pm's and the Rangers will spend about half the game on PP just cause of him. This is perfect, The Flyers will be so far up shits creek with him they are 98% guaranteed to go nowhere!!!! ENJOY

  4. When the Rangers actually make it out of the first round this century, that's when you should get excited. Man, New Yorkers always fail to realize just how shitty their own teams are these days.

  5. Ahh my brother you forget that 2 seasons ago we did get to the second round and lost to the damn Sabers. Right now the Yanks had made the playoffs 13 years in row up until last year(now thats consistency). Check and see if any Philly team has made the playoffs 13 years in row in anything, i doubt it. And don't count them Mets as a New York team. They are just a giant puss filled boil on the ass of this here city.

  6. Ha, the second place Yankees, right?

    One thing we all can agree on, John Stevens is an awful coach.

  7. Yes i will agree with all the way on John Stevens, Second the Yanks right now are tied for 1st with the Redsux. and Toronto is in 2nd 2 games back.

  8. Looks like you have some hating to do.