Friday, June 19, 2009

It's Finally (Sorta) Sunny in Philadelphia Links

The saying goes, when it rains it pours. Well, shit, that expression has never been more true than right now in Philadelphia. Not only did the Phillies drop two of three against the Red Sox last weekend, then get swept by the Blue Jays and finally suffer injuries to Scott Eyre and Raul Ibanez to already join Brad Lidge and Brett Myers on the DL, but it's been raining every God damn day in Philadelphia.

Well, today, finally, it's not raining (yet), and it was even sunny briefly today. Although none of that is supposed to last. Stupid weather. It's the worst.

Let's link …

-Check out the Phillies' extra special suck from yesterday:

-Also, I wouldn't mind bringing back Scott Graham.

-Play the steroid game. It's all sorts of fun, my comment:

1. David Ortiz — because fuck Boston, that’s why.

2. Pudge Rodriguez, even though he probably did use, because he’s pretty much my favorite catcher ever.

3. Doug Glanville — come on, did you expect me to say anyone else? Seriously, Dougy Doug couldn’t lift his glove high enough to rob a home run.

4. Bret Boone — Bonds is jealous of how much bigger this asshole got.

-Check out some NBA draft player profiles:

-Hockey players have hot wives.

-The FreeDarko mock draft, which is, predictably, incredibly unconventional and nothing close to any mock draft you've seen so far:

17. Philadelphia 76ers - Robert Dozier, Memphis
Two years ago, the Sixers ran their way into playoff contention and poked a few new holes in a Pistons foundation already set to fall apart. The logical next step? Signing a plodding injury problem, albeit one quite talented. When he got hurt this year, the team again ran itself into playoff contention and had us finding a new coach for the Magic. Sorry about that, Stan. Sixer logic now dictates taking the fattest, slowest guy available. Has anyone seen Escalade Troy Jackson? If he can't be found and Blair isn't available, perhaps the team will stop acting like pussies and allow the new AI and Thaddeus to play as they'd prefer. In fact, I dare it to do just that. And to help, I'll give Philly Robert Dozier. Dozier can fill in for Brand once he ruptures his stomach or tears his entire lower body, and Robert's already spent the longest college career ever invented running his ass off. Plus, he's the kind of defender who will do something spectacular when not in foul trouble and buy himself a rep that may not be wholly deserved. Thus, Eddie Jordan will like his game. (JL)

-Dime goes for a much more conventional mock draft:

17. Philadelphia — Eric Maynor, PG, Virginia Commonwealth
With Andre Miller clearly gone in Philly, the Sixers need a PG they can build around and one that can get the job done right now. Eric Maynor is that guy. After four years at VCU, Maynor is ready to step in and push the Sixers to that next level.

-And the top 10 plays of the finals:

-Bill Conlin warns the Phillies to not trade Michael Taylor.

Taylor sounds like a five-tool stud, but I'm not sure I agree with Bill here. This team has about a three-year window where it legitimately will be in the hunt for the World Series each and every season (assuming they get any semblance of pitching), so I might be inclined to give up future studs for current ones. But hey, that's up to Ruben and company.

Enjoy the weekend. The Phils better win this damn series with Baltimore too. For real.

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