Monday, June 15, 2009

Anything You Can Do, We Can Do Better

So I was watching Mike and Mike this morning on ESPN 2, and they got to talking about how Shittsburgh, er-ah Pittsburgh, currently holds two of the four major sports championships. This fact naturally irritates me greatly, because I don't care for Pittsburgh and I feel like the Eagles could have won that Super Bowl. But I digress. The point of the story is that they reviewed the recent cities that have had the blessing of holding two titles at once in recent history, Los Angeles twice, Boston twice, Pittsburgh twice, and New York once. And then they asked the obvious question, what city currently has the best chance to do it next, excluding the ones listed above.

Well I immediately started yelling at the TV, "Philadelphia! Philadelphia!" After fumbling around for about a minute the two Mikes decided to take a break for a Sportscenter update and then come back and answer the question. I shook my head that they couldn't spout out a city or two immediately.

They come back from break and start rambling off cities, a few made sense, a few seemed ridiculous to me. Atlanta (Falcons and Braves), Detroit (Tigers and Wings), Dallas (Cowboys and Rangers, if they even count as Dallas) all seem quite unlikely to me. They also mentioned Cleveland (Indians and Cavs) and Chicago (Blackhawks, Bears, Cubs). The Indians are underachievers and the Cubs are the Cubs. And then they mentioned Philadelphia.

To me Philadelphia is the obvious choice. The Phillies are reigning champions and have one of the best records in baseball. The Eagles were a defensive stop from being in the Super Bowl. Hell, the Flyers have made consecutive postseasons, made the conference finals one of those years, and lost to the eventual champion this year.

Well after five minutes of talking about teams like the Tigers and Indians and Bears and Falcons, and five minutes of me yelling at the TV, Mike and Mike came to the proper conclusion, that they both had to say that Philadelphia had the best chance. Anyway it was an interesting debate, and it's nice that Philly is looking strong. Especially because we need to remind that city five hours to the west who is the boss of Pennsylvania.


  1. I'm not gonna lie, son, I think this was a really stupid post. But hey, nice to see you're alive.

  2. yeah i know but i was bored, thought it was an interesting debate, needed to get back in the flow of things, and saw that there was a lack of content for the day so i figured why not

  3. good debate, agreed. and who am i to judge? I'm pretty sure my shit sucks.