Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Thought Yesterday Was Wednesday Links

Wanna know just how stupid I am? All day yesterday, I thought it was Wednesday. I'm not making this up. I was wondering where the KSK This Week In F—k You was and everything.

Turns out, it was Tuesday. Apparently, today is Wednesday. That sucks. And I'm an idiot. Here's some Wednesday links …

-I'm not entirely sure how I feel about Inquirer columnist John Gonzalez. Sometimes, I enjoy reading him. Other times, I think his columns are complete garbage. One thing I do know, his column today is one of the most insightful and well-written columns I've ever read. Do yourself a favor and read it. He makes the best points you will read about Saturday's tragic murder outside McFadden's.

-Naturally, the Philadelphia newspapers are all over Jim Johnson's passing.

Check out the coverage here, here, here and here, among other places on

-This guy should tutor L.J. Smith. Think about it.

-You know Jim Johnson was the man when Big Daddy Drew says kinds words about him:

(Oh, and Jim Johnson died today. Jim Johnson was awesome. Take a cue Favre about learning how to exit the stage gracefully.)

-More on Jim Johnson:

Up until now coordinators have been shut out of the Hall of Fame, but if they ever break down that wall, Johnson is one of the first who should be considered.

-Carlos Carrasco, who was supposed to start today, Lou Marson and Jason Donald have been scratched from the lineup. Yeah, sounds like a trade to me.

-Joe Paterno: much classier than Bobby Bowden:

Bowden is clearly obsessed with the number, but not the other parts of what will add up to his legacy as a football coach. Paterno, in contrast, could care less, and said the same thing when he sat behind Bowden in the count just a few years ago. His name is on the library at Penn State. His team has been the case study for the "Grand Experiment," Paterno's attempt to fuse academics and athletics that has Penn State's football players consistently ranked at the top of the Big Ten in graduation rates. (Northwestern's usually first, but they're also Northwestern.) His contributions to the university extend far beyond the football field …

Even if the NCAA decides to recognize the wins, what Joe Paterno has in the win column on and off the field puts him ahead of Bowden in ways a win column can't ever quantify, and that is a score Paterno likely cares about more than any simple count of wins and losses.

-He's not blowing saves, but yeah, Brad Lidge still sucks.

Made me nervous there last night.

-Kevin Garnett. In high school. Just because.

Enjoy that. Trade talks are brewing.

BallHype: hype it up!

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