Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tonight, We Get a Break

Another All-Star game has come and gone, with of course, the AL winning for the 13th straight time. Carl Crawford made the defining play, at least in my opinion, and now the World Fucking Champions will have to play their first two games on the road in the World Series this year. Wouldn't be the first time.

Oh, and yeah, the Phillies officially signed Pedro. So there's that.

But more importantly than anything that happened last night/this morning, the real story is that today, the Wednesday after the All-Star game, marks the black hole of sports fandom. There is nothing to watch. Basketball and hockey ended last month. Football is still more than a month away. And tonight, no baseball games. Yes, tonight, we crazy humans that are called fans finally get a night off. Doesn't happen often, so enjoy it.

Maybe you can finally get around to reading that book you meant to finish or watch that movie you've wanted to see for a while. For those of you with children (suckers), perhaps you can avoid being a neglectful parent for once and pay attention to your kids. And those of you with significant others, tonight's the perfect chance to pretend like you give a shit about whatever the hell they want to do without missing a game. Or hell, dare I say, you could even go outside and get some fresh summer air, perhaps even play a sport instead of sitting on the couch like a blob and just watching. The possibilities are endless.

What will I do? No one knows, but there's always that wild card of a night of drinking, which is always fun in the middle of the week. Even better if women are involved.

Enjoy your night off, sports fans. You've earned it. The next one won't come for some time. Unless you root for the Nationals. Then you have many, many more nights off.

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