Monday, July 6, 2009

Perfect 10

I don't normally do this, but that was one of the most awesome first innings I've ever seen. The Phillies just bombarded the Reds, specifically Johnny Cueto, for 10 runs in the first inning.

Just a little recap for you: J-Roll walk, Shane 2-run homer, Chase strike out looking, Howard line out, Werth single, Dobbs 2-run homer, Pedro hit by pitch, Curbball walk, Cole 2-run double, Jimmy RBI double, Shane walk, pitching change, Chase 3-run homer, Howard strike out looking.

Final line for Cueto, who entered with a 2.69 ERA: two-thirds of an inning pitched, 9 runs, 9 earned runs, 3 walks, 2 home runs, raising his ERA on the year to 3.45.

That was tits.

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  1. VOTE 4 SHANE!!! He woulda had hit for the cycle if it wasn't for that stupid, yet kinda cute, ball girl!!!

  2. except he wasn't going to get a triple down the leftfield line. Idiot. And I don't mind anyone voting for Shane at all, because I love that guy. I'm not voting for him though.

  3. It was really fun just laughing during that first inning. What was really impressive was adding another 12 runs during the game.