Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday to Us

Oh, hey, look at how time flies. Things are moving so fast that I completely forgot about The House That Glanville Built's birthday, or anniversary or whatever you want to call it.






So yeah, a week ago today, this site turned 1 years old. My cherry was popped with the first post on June 24, 2008. Looking back on it, clearly I began all this for the sole purpose of cursing a lot and bad-mouthing Pittsburgh. My, my how far we've come.

I mean, yeah, I still curse a decent amount, although the tone has tempered a tad I'd say, and yes, I still hate Pittsburgh. But, you know, a lot has happened since I had sex with blogspot and The House That Glanville Built was conceived. The Phillies won the World Series, Arkansas Fred was banned, then unbanned, then fell off the face of the earth, and this modest little site has gained a few followers, a few readers and plenty of friends in this odd sports blog landscape. And hey, look, we've even got ads now! Maybe I can afford to buy booze and food in the same week now! Probably not.

So anyway, yeah, we are now 1 year and 1 week old. And by we, I mean me, seeing as none of these other punk-ass "contributors" listed post shit. Anyway, happy belated birthday to us.

Who's buying me a cake?

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  1. Is someone really paying you to put those ads on your blog??? You should be sharing that dough with your co-contributors, you sell-out!

  2. Me for starters. My dumb little comments make this site what it is...Answer the question!!!