Friday, July 17, 2009

Raul, Ryan, Jamie and Expletives

In case you missed it, Jamie Moyer continued his insane dominance over the Marlins last night, blanking Florida with seven shutout innings of one-hit ball. It's mind-boggling how much success he's had against Florida where he has had trouble against the rest of baseball.

But hey, the old man did pick up his team-leading ninth win, and he looked damn impressive doing it.

However, the real story of the night was the bombs. Raul Ibanez was simply the man, crushing a two-run homer to left-center in the 2nd and then solo shot in the fourth to right-center.

The groin looked just fine. Not that I was looking at it or anything. Um, let's move on.

While Raul put on a show, it was Howard who made history. The big boy hit his 200th career homer in the sixth, setting the record for the least amount of games played to reach 200. Last night was his 658th game, in case you were wondering.

Something tells me it won't take the big man long to get another 200. Just a hunch.

Yes, Jamie, Raul and Ryan, along with Ryan Madson and J.C. Romero, put on a show, but the most entertaining part of the game came from Shane Victorino, no questions asked:

I agree. Fucking terrible. You tell him, Shane.

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  1. The Florida Marlins are Jamie Moyer's bitches. He just slaps them around. Isn't great!!

  2. Does Ryan reach 500 homeruns? Dude's 30...

  3. It's reasonable to assume he hits 40-plus the next 3-5 years, plus add in the AL DH, he's almost a lock for 500 if you ask me. As long as he doesn't suffer any big injuries.