Friday, July 24, 2009

My Dream: Jason Williams in a Sixers Uniform

So you know how the Sixers are in need of a veteran point guard to mentor Jrue Holiday? Andre Miller seems all but gone, and none of the names out there really jump out at you. Sure, Jamaal Tinsley can ball, but the Pacers distance themselves from him for a reason. Bobby Jackson is intriguing, especially to mentor the defensive-minded Holiday, but injuries have ravaged him a lot in his career.

But now a name has arisen that has my juices flowing at the possibility of seeing him a Sixers uniform. Yes, ladies and gentleman, the one true Jason Williams, White Chocolate, is available and no longer retired, via The Big Lead.

Now, at first glance, it may seem like an odd fit. After all, J-Will was never known for his defensive prowess, and as a youngster, he was quite the risk-taker. The man never met a pull-up three he didn't like, and the insanely high-risk/high-reward dimes he'd attempt were both frustrating and tantalizing. None of that seems like it bodes well for the learning curve of one Jrue Holiday, whose game is nothing like that of Williams'.

But, Jason Williams was a young guy who matured into a very good leader and floor general, under control and more careful with the ball, under Hubie Brown in Memphis. He was a solid veteran contributor to the championship Miami team, a stabilizing force making big plays in key moments quite often. And shit, it's Jason Williams. How fucking cool would it be to see him as a Sixer? The guy freakin passed the ball off his elbow for chrissakes!

I mean, honestly, the only way I'd be opposed to the Sixers signing Williams was if they decided to go all sorts of crazy and bring back Allen Iverson. This team isn't winning shit in the foreseeable future anyway.

Make my dream happen, Eddie. Bring in J-Will. Make him a Sixer. That's all I'm asking.

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  1. Raef Lafrentz sucks.

  2. Why aren't more people talking about this??? Y'all just lost Andre Miller, and by no means are Boo Williams and Jrue Holiday, COMBINED, better than Andre Miller.

    Go get Jason Williams immediately.

  3. no one cares about the Sixers right now, I think that's why.