Monday, July 6, 2009

Talk About a Slow Start

This morning, my alarm went off at its customer 8 a.m. time signaling another week of wishing it was Friday. Coming off a glorious 3-day weekend that involved a wedding, taking in a baseball game on the 4th of July and explosions, I wasn't quite ready to wake. So I called in to work and told them I was coming in at 10, not 8:30. Because fuck work. That's why.

Anyway, since I came in late, I was kind of backed up with work. And that's why I'm still here. But still, I'd like to give a little rundown of the weekend. First and foremost, to all you Mets fans out there … HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Man, that team is shitty. Here I thought the Phillies were looking horrible, but then I hear Rodrigo Lopez shut them down on Friday night while I was at a wedding pounding Jack and gingers and hitting on 19-year-old girls. Then on Saturday, I attended the game with my old man and watched as David Wright ducked out of the way of a foul ball he should have easily caught (seriously, give Ryan Zimmerman the Gold Glove this year. He's better than Wright), and then, in the same inning, Omir Santos dropped a pop-up in foul territory. I was having a ball.

Jamie Moyer pitched incredible, Jimmy Rollins got a big two-run double and the Phils looked damn good. And to top things off, Brad Lidge set the Mets down in order for his first easy save since early 2008. And it was a gorgeous day.

Then I went to a friend's house for a party, drank a lot of drinks and saw a lot of fireworks/explosions. Not too shabby.

And yesterday, holy shit balls, Brad Lidge looked freakin unhittable in that 9th inning, making David Wright look like a whimpering puppy, then making Church swing at air and finally overmatching Nick Evans for the perfect 1-2-3, strikeout the side save. Must be the new look.

Joe Blanton did a hell of a job, Jimmy Rollins got another big hit and the Phils actually beat Johan! Maybe the tides are turning. But let's not get carried away completely. This was the Mets, who are comically bad at this point. Let's hope they keep it going tonight against Cincy.

Now about the All-Star teams. I think the voters did a pretty good job overall, but holy shit, I agree with Hef here. How the fuck is Ian Kinsler not starting and Josh Hamilton voted to start? Hamilton has been hurt all year and sucked when he actually did play. Kinsler is the best second baseman not named Chase Utley on the planet. Fans are stupid sometimes.

Oh, and if you are smart, will you vote for Kinsler and Mark Reynolds for the last roster spots. Maybe Pablo Sandoval. Shane is having a fine year, but he shouldn't be an all-star.

BallHype: hype it up!

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