Friday, September 25, 2009

Anthony Adams and Farts

True story, when I was a freshman at Penn State, Anthony Adams was a starting senior defensive lineman and one of my favorite players on the team. Playing alongside Michael Haynes and Jimmy Kennedy, Adams didn't get the same recognition outside of State College as his All-American counterparts, but the man was a beast.

While Michael Haynes, who was drafted 14th overall in 2003, is currently not on an active roster and Jimmy Kennedy (12th overall) is currently a backup defensive tackle in Minnesota, Adams, drafted in the second round that same season (57th overall), is starting for the Chicago Bears. He's carved himself a nice little seven-year career here so far, and he's apparently becoming a pretty popular guy in Chicago. At least, popular enough to get a guest post on the Chicago Tribune Players Only blog, in which Mr. Adams shares this nice little nugget of information, via TSB:

In the film room, we make up lists for fines. Like (passing gas) is a $20 fine. If you fall asleep, that's like $20. If you jump offside in practice and we see it on the practice film, that's $20 and $100 for in the game.
Mark Anderson might be the worst (gas-passer) ever. He takes these protein shakes, so he smells like little babies do. He's the worst at getting the fines and then saying he didn't do it. I know he got that fine for that extra shove in the Steelers game. He wouldn't let anybody see how much it was. We don't get him (an extra fine) for that. When the league gets you, we leave you alone.
I don't get fines for (passing gas). I leave outside the meeting room and do my dirt.

Now this is exactly the type of thing blogs were created for, so players can share information about farting to the general public. I knew I always loved Anthony Adams for a reason.

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