Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hooded Sweatshirt Links

The past two nights here in Philadelphia the weather has been brisk in the morning and as the sun goes down at night. Like upper 50s - low 60s cool. Hooded sweatshirt cool. And frankly, I'm loving every minute of it.

Hooded sweatshirts are far and away my favorite piece of clothing. No question about it. They're comfortable. They have a nice pouch in the middle. And the hood adds the final functional touch — good if you're cold, it's rainy or you simply want to cover your head. If I wasn't such a sweaty mess when the weather was warm, I'd wear one every day. And when the weather starts getting cool and then cold, I practically do. Give me some cool, fall-like weather, a hooded sweatshirt, some sweatpants, football, playoff baseball, wings, beer, and a naked lady or two, and I'm in heaven.

A man can never have too many hoodies, and that's a fact. Let's link …

-David Wright bears a striking resemblance to Special Olympics Cartman in this photo.

Rumor has it Eric Lindros designed the helmet. (This may not be true, and by may not I mean is not.)

-Cry, crybaby, cry, via MLJ:

-Remember Starting Lineup figures? I do, and they were awesome. Well, here's some guys who didn't deserve their figurines, and yes, Travis Lee is on the list, via the Jerks.

-Brandon Ware done broke his foot.

He's out a month.

-Jerome Hayes is set to start on Saturday. I can't wait.

-Do yourself a favor and read each and every Why Your Team Sucks NFL previews before the season starts.

-Ron Artest and David Green, the man who threw the beer that started the Malice at the Palace, have talked on the phone and plan on meeting.

If this doesn't make you like Ron Artest, nothing will.

-Eric Snow talks with Allen Iverson about free agency:

-UNC's frontcourt is loaded with talent.

-Steve Logan was the shit.

-I'm pretty sure a leg isn't supposed to look like that:

-A Nova season preview from SLAM. Even with the loss of Dante Cunningham and Dwayne Anderson, this team is loaded — Scottie Reynolds, Corey Stokes, Corey Fisher, Reggie Reading (after his suspension), Antonio Pena — not to mention the addition of Jersey boy Dominic Cheek and Philly native Maalik Wayns heading a highly touted recruiting class.

-Roberto Luongo will be a Vancouver Canuck forever.

-Meet Perry Jones:

-In case you haven't heard, Pacman Jones is headed to the great white north, so in honor, take a gander at NFLers who defected to the CFL.

-I'm pretty sure everyone who's ever played pickup basketball has pulled the old injury fakery.

And the best news … Ed Pinckney is replacing the horrific Bob Salmi as Mark Zumoff's running mate during Sixers' broadcasts. I saw Pinckney and Zumoff on Daily News Live yesterday for the announcement, and if his appearance on DNL is any indication, the Sixers just hit a home run with this. I sure hope so, because the Salim-strator madman was just horrendous.

Phillies game. Tonight. Me. There. Happ vs. Penny. I'll probably be wearing a hooded sweatshirt.

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  1. "A hooded sweatshirt"? Do you have something against calling them hoodies?

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