Thursday, September 17, 2009

Long Live FJM

In case you didn't hear, yesterday marked one of the most monumental days in internet history: the geniuses behind Fire Joe Morgan made their all too brief yet triumphant return as guest editors of Deadspin. Sadly, they have left us, for it was just one day of bliss. Read it all here.

Oh, and pay special attention to this post by Ken Tremendous, which had this most excellent section:

Chase Utley's swing is a cheesesteak of perfection[1]. Feliz Hernandez is Microsoft Office.
[1]"Chase Utley's swing is a cheesesteak of perfection" is a registered Food Metaphor Trademark of, Inc., LLC. No reproduction, retransmission, or other use of the Food Metaphor "Chase Utley's swing is a cheesesteak of perfection" is allowed without the express written consent of Inc., LLC, and its parent companies: Fremulon Ins., Inc., Raytheon, General Dynamics, Boeing, Halliburton, AIG, and the Peoples' National Bank and Trust of Kaesong. All rights reserved.

I hope I don't get sued for this.

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