Monday, September 21, 2009

Somebody Slap Some Sense Into DeSean

I love DeSean Jackson. I was pumped when the Eagles drafted him, even more pumped watching him play. He's the fastest Eagle I've ever seen play, and his explosiveness is really something to marvel. And he's head and shoulders the best wide receiver on the team.

The guy is an exciting football player, no doubt about it. But man, is he one dumb human being. You know that retarded decision yesterday where he fielded a punt inside the 5-yard line? The one that cost the Eagles 17 yards of field position and at least four points in the outcome? Yeah, well, the brilliant DeSean, who aggravated a groin injury at some point during the game, says he'd do it again if he got the chance:

"I knew where I was. That didn't have anything to do with me, catching the ball on the [2]. I mean, I have a little bit of leeway from the coaches here," Jackson said. "There was nobody within 10 yards of me . . . It was a great return. Unfortunately, a couple of guys on the team were called for a penalty."
Those coaches might be retracting that leeway.
"I think . . . he lost track of where he was. He should have let that ball go," said special-teams coach Ted Daisher.
That might be a message Daisher reinforces, if Jackson's groin lets him play Sunday against Kansas City.
"Any time I've got that situation," Jackson said, "I'm going to make that [same] decision."

Honestly, how stupid can you possibly be?

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